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Join Bingo Chat to make the most of your online bingo experience. Bingo chat is a highlight of playing Bingo online for many players. It lets you communicate with everyone in the room, not just the person sitting next to you, adds extra interaction, and you can even play side games as you gossip. This means you can make loads of new friends and get in on all the online, live action and fun as it is taking place. Whether it’s chatting away with old buddies or new acquaintances who have just joined the room, Bingo chat is excellent fun. If you’re new to online bingo or not confident online there’s no need to panic, the following article is going to give you all the know-how about bingo chat before you get going!

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Bingo Chat Definitions

bingo chat Now, if you’ve seen a bingo chat room before, you may have noticed that everyone seems to be using a unique bingo lingo that leaves you wondering what the heck is going on. So to cover all the bases in this article our first point of call is to point out our online bingo lingo dictionary- you’ll find it at the bottom of the page.

This bingo chat glossary provides a list of the online bingo lingo you need to make sense of bingo chat and start nattering away like a pro from the go. These definitions are certainly unique to Bingo and whilst some are common sense, others you may never figure out without a little help!

On most sites, you’ll normally locate the chat box at either side of the screen during a bingo game (just note, this isn’t the same as the Live Chat option of the main bingo website, which is used when you require customer service). If you click on the in-game chat box (AKA Bingo chat), you’ll find a dialogue box where you can type messages to other players in the bingo room. Just type a message into the dialogue box and press enter, it works and looks the same as sending a text message or Facebook message. You have two choices about the way you chat, the public bingo chat room or private chat with selected members.

Bingo Definitions

•   1TG = 1 to go •   2TG = 2 to go •   3TG = 3 to go •   AFK = away from keyboard •   BBIAM = be back in a minute
•   BBL = be back later •   BBS = be back soon •   BLNT = better luck next time •   BRB = be right back •   BTW = by the way
•   CYA = see ya •   CYAL8R = see ya later •   GG = good going or good game •   GL = good luck •   GLA = good luck all
•   GLE = good luck everyone •   GM = good morning •   GN = good night •   HB = hurry back •   IMHO = in my honest opinion
•   JK = just kidding •   LMAO = laughing my a$$ off •   LOL = laughing out loud •   NP = no problem •   OMG = oh my goodness (gawd)
•   PM = private message •   POOF = I have left the chat •   ROFL = rolling on floor laughing •  ROFLMAO = rolling on floor laughing my a$$ off •   SRY = sorry
•   TC = take care •   TTFN = ta ta for now •   TTYL = talk to you later •   TX = thanks •   TY = thank you
•   TYVM = thank you very much •   WB = welcome back •   WEG = wicked evil grin •   WTG = way to go •   YVW = you’re very welcome
•   YW = you’re welcome •   *G* = grin •   *H* = hug •   *K* = kiss •   *S* = smile
•   *W* = wink

Public Bingo Chatrooms

This means talking to every player in the bingo room. Anyone who is live at that time will have the ability to see your messages and chat back to you. There will be a bingo chat host active in this chat room and all content is moderated (more details below). This is a great place to make new friends or ask questions you may have and want the opinion of many. It is also where you’ll find Bingo Chat Games on offer.

Private/ Group Bingo Chat

If you want to chat with just specific people or groups of friends you have at your favourite bingo spot then you also have the choice to make a private chat. Just select the people you want to add and start chatting away. As well as using all the latest bingo chat lingo you can also send emojis and gifs with bingo chat, just like any other instant messenger program!

Bingo Chat Hosts

online bingo dictionaryYour Bingo site should provide chat hosts, they are specifically there to look after players and moderate the public room, along with the chat content. They are available 24/7 and they have several roles;

– Running the bingo chat games.

– Moderating the content in the bingo chat rooms and making sure everyone is behaving according to the guidelines of the bingo site.

– Communicating with players in the chat room.

– Providing 24/7 support to players by answering any questions and queries.

– Letting players in on all the best deals during their time in the chat room.

A good Bingo Chat host is there to increase your overall online bingo experience so engage with them and make the most of their presence. They are there to entertain as well as be bingo experts. The Bingo site you choose to play with should also guarantee your safety in their moderated bingo chat rooms. This includes ensuring you feel secure whilst you’re playing and chatting away, but you will need to check this with your chosen site.

Bingo Chat Games

We’ve mentioned bingo chat games a few times on this page, but what are they? In brief bingo chat games are side games to keep players entertained and encourage them to chat with each other. They will differ depending on the site you are playing with, but usually, take the form of pop quiz questions or trivia that ask players to form teams and compete or buddy games. They’re great fun and offer a more social side aspect to electronic bingo whilst encouraging players to use the chat and grab some extra prizes alongside their main game of bingo.

Read our article on bingo chat games and find out how and where to get involved here.

Bingo Chat Promotions

If you’re really looking for something to get chatting about then the stellar bingo chat promotions that the chat hosts offer will give you just that. Whilst you are logged into a bingo chat, the host will jump in every now and again to keep all players up to date with the best/ newest bingo bonus other players.

Bingo Chat Etiquette

Whilst your bingo chat room will be moderated you are also expected to behave in a way that promotes fun for all. This means;

When you get going with bingo chat it is much easier than it sounds and you’ll get used to the bingo lingo in no time at all. Remember, practice makes perfect, especially when you are having fun at the same time. Chatting to other bingo players online might seem a little scary at first, but actually, it’s much easier than approaching someone in a real-life bingo hall so just jump in and get chatting.