Best US Bingo Sites

The industry of bingo games is a pretty big one at the moment and you shouldn’t be surprised, considering that such games bring a large revenue of $10 billion in the United States alone, out of a total of $20 billion worldwide. 60 million bingo players can be found in the US, these are either regulars or just occasional players – together, they make up a whopping 1.2 billion visits at bingo halls throughout the country.

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The game of bingo is an extremely popular one throughout the world, although in the recent years, actual Bingo halls have seen a decline in numbers, especially in the UK. Although the business is flourishing overall, many places have re-evaluated their business model and moved online, to date, there are only 400 bingo clubs actively open in Britain in 2014.

Bingo is a game played by any gender, although the female gender make up 57% of the online world’s bingo player mass. Moreover, women are also playing bingo much more often than their male counterparts. Bingo games seem to fuel a little bit of an addiction to its players, considering that they spend up to 10 times the amount of money, usually spent on games like baseball or football. However, 6 out of 10 bingo players do fairly well in their game, reporting incomes of more than $28,000 on a yearly basis. Bingo proves to be a profitable game for both entrepreneurs and players, but you also need a bit of luck to be successful.

Online Bingo Sites that accept US Players > Below are the best US bingo sites for US players, complete with special sign-up bingo bonuses and promotions for opening a new account at a US Online Bingo Site.

About the 75-ball Bingo game

Bingo game is not universally the same throughout the world and one of the most popular variations is the 75-ball bingo game. This is a game in which you have to concentrate on numbers from 1 to 75 that are placed on the five columns of the card, labeled with the B-I-N-G-O letters. Each of these columns, usually bears numbers out of a set of 15. Moreover, the center space of the card is a free space and it is a pre-filled one. The 75-ball bingogame is the most popular bingo variation played in the United States.

Why are CyberBingo and Bingo Hall the best websites to play bingo in the US?

If you want to play bingo online in the United States, you should check out the multiple offers available from websites but, in the end, you will surely get to CyberBingo: it’s online since 1996 and gives you £5 upon signing up. Your first deposit is multiplied by a 5x factor and you also get other bonuses down the road. Moreover, a lot of games are available, both paid and free so you have plenty of variations to choose from when you decide to play here and be part of a friendly community.

Bingo Hall is another popular bingo website for US players and it recently underwent a facelift. You now don’t only have the possibility to play games, you can also rate them. You can create a custom profile and you can get in touch with other players on the website, as well. However, you shouldn’t neglect the bonuses that you stand to win, starting with a $25 one right when you sign up. There are plenty other offers available that you should check out, as well as the variety of bingo and side games.

American Bingo User Reviews

The Team at go through all the bingo sites in the USA and rate and review all aspects of their site, from gameplay & security, to payment options and jackpots as well as bonuses for both new and existing players to name just a few of the aspects we look into. Along with this we compile real user reviews submitted by players just like you to give an overall score and rank the bingo sites accordingly. You will see on each US bingo sites review page multiple reviews from players currently using their site/room so you can hear experiences both good and bad from current players. Below is a roundup of some of the most helpful bingo user reviews for sites accepting North American players, if you would like to submit your own review of one of the sites please do so, and email us at – reviews (@)

United States Online Bingo Sites

United States Bingo Sites Accepting US Players – The introduction of online bingo for US players easily allows any American players to play bingo online from the comfort of their own home at US Bingo Sites Online and all it takes is a few minutes to open a US online bingo account.

Not every bingo site online will accept US players, because they are aiming for the European market. However, many bingo rooms are open for US players and you can find them in the list above.

United States Bingo Online / US Online Bingo Sites – Using any of the US Friendly Online Bingo Sites / America Legal Bingo Sites / USA Allowed Bingo Sites above, you will get the best US online bingo sites for US players that offer a generous bingo bonus, fair game play and excellent customer service.

Legal overview of Bingo in the US

Bingo is a fairly popular game in the United States, but considering that money is at stake in most of these games, the US needed to regulate it just as they do with other gambling games. However, given the fact that each US state has its own code of laws, it’s a bit difficult to say that one size fits them all when it comes to the legal aspects of the US bingo game.

However, Bingo games are legal throughout the United States, although you will have to play at an established location. Licenses are issued to operators who need them in order to provide bingo games and there is the possibility to organize charitable bingo games that are not taxed, but there must be proof that the raised funds are headed to a charity. Overall, bingo games face a much more relaxed law than other gambling games.

Origins of US bingo games

The earliest game that is similar to the nowadays bingo is “Tombola” played in Italy, about five hundred years ago. The maturation of the game took place in France and the “Le Lotto” game was subsequently created in 1778, featuring 27 squares and 90 numbers – although there were three rows and nine columns, numbers were only featured on five squares of each of the three rows. From here, the design of the modern day bingo games was inspired.

Hugh J. Ward copyrighted the Bingo game after providing it at various fairs and carnivals in the Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh areas in the 1920s. Edwin Lowe managed to further improve the popularity of the Beano game. He took it to New York in the 1930s and there, he started playing it with his friends. The word Bingo was featured during a Beano game, although the British were using it much earlier, starting with the 1770s.

Lowe created a Bingo game with two variations: you could either buy 12 cards for $1 or 42 cards for $2. Since then, the game of Bingo became much more popular, spreading to the entire US during the 1940s, remaining popular up to this day.

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Can I Play Online Bingo From The USA?

Millions of people from all over the world love to play online bingo. In some places, like the UK, the game has really exploded and the choices to play online are nearly endless. But what about those of us who live in the US? Is it even possible to play from the comfort of your home, take advantage of the same bonuses and enjoy the same top-notch graphics as our friends on the other side of the pond?
Fortunately, the answer is yes! While many sites focus exclusively on the European market, there are no shortage of fun and safe places to play bingo online in America. And thankfully, the bonuses for signing up are just as generous. All you need to do is take a few minutes to set up an account at one of our preferred sites.

It can be tough for newcomers to distinguish which sites are reputable and which aren’t, but after reviewing and working with loads of online bingo operators, we are happy to give you are most trusted recommendations.
Of course, these sites offer all the same games, bonuses, and jackpots you’ll find on sites which are off-limits to Americans. Best of all, some are even giving away cash for free; you don’t even need to make an initial deposit.
Bingo Hall has an amazing community atmosphere, where you can create your own profile page, friend your “bingo buddies,” play slots and partake in jackpots over $50,000. It won’t even cost you a penny to get started. For members, we can make you an exclusive offer of $30 free just for signing up.

So if you’re in the US and feel the itch to play bingo but don’t have a local hall nearby, don’t fret. Just log on to any of our recommended sites, and you can be playing with free cash for big jackpots within minutes!