Online Casino Games

Bingo is a lot of fun, and it is a great starting point from which you dive head first into the wonderful world of online gaming. As much as talk about and love bingo at, we have to admit it’s not the beginning, middle and end of your online adventure, there’s much more to play and glorious prizes to be snapped up. If you are curious about other games then you’re reading the right article. Here we’ll guide you through the best online casino games, most of which you definitely of heard of such as Blackjack, Roulette, Online Slots and Keno. You’ll get a taste of classic online casino games and newer ones too.  Whether you would like to try your luck with a game of Roulette or spins on Slots, we have all you need just on one page.


The Best Online Casino Games

online casino gamesOnline gaming nowadays means you have a full casino at your fingertips. Much like Bingo the industry has exploded with a huge breath of gaming options, innovative software and overall amazing experience for players. You can hit up, high thrills, adrenaline-filled action in live online casino games where you will actually interact with a dealer via webcam, play 3D Slots and win prizes you never thought would come your way.

You may have noticed that your favourite bingo site has started stocking other online casino games such as Slots and Keno. This is certainly the case for many of the top bingo sites and provides you with an awesome opportunity to play other games whilst enjoy a bingo session. If, however, you are looking for somewhere to play that specialises only in online casino games the best place is an online casino. There’s a vast selection available online and you’ll soon find yourself a great place to play.

For those looking for something a little more classic Blackjack, Poker and Roulette software are usable across any devices and locations bringing all the beauty of the casino into the palm of your hands. We’re not joking when we say online casino gaming has never been this good. Let’s take a look at these games in a little more detail.

Play the Best Online Casino Games for Free

So now that you know some of the best online casino games out there, it’s time to give you some expert tips on how to play them for free. As with all online games, there are a few tricks you can try to start playing without spending a penny.

Keep in mind that for all of these options you will most likely have to join up to the online casino, but you’ll be playing some of the best online casino games in no time at all!

Online Slots

online slotsFrom the young to the old, there are few people who haven’t encountered or at least tried their luck at a slot machine (digital or otherwise) at one point or another in their lives.

They are now an online casino game staple, born in Brooklyn in 1891, the original slot machine was based on poker and had five reels instead of the three which became characteristic of old-school type slot machines where winnings would be calculated according to how many matching fruit symbols one would get when the reels stopped spinning. Although nowadays slot machines in brick and mortar establishments are worked by the touch of a button, the first slot machines came with a side lever which earns them the name of “one-armed bandits” (because they’d take your money quickly and unexpectedly).

Whilst the physical appearance of the slot machine may have changed slightly, the casino game itself has pretty much remained the same. That is unless you play online. For some of the best online casino games slots are at the heart of the action. Showcasing new features, jackpots, bonus games and epic storylines why not check out some of our all-time favourite slots such as Gonzo’s Quest and Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion, or try your hand at becoming a millionaire with Mega Moolah!

Roulette Online

roulette onlineSo loved is the ubiquitous roulette wheel that one can’t even look at a casino advertisement without seeing one poking out of some place or other. This online casino game was originally born in its modern form on the French shores, roulette is thought to be something of an international collaboration as it amalgamates aspects of the English wheel games Roly-Poly, Reiner, Ace of Hearts, and E.O. and the Italian board games Hoca and Biribi. Its history is a little murky and the game is thought to date back to the 1600s.

Although roulette wheels everywhere have numbered, black and red pockets for the white ball used to determine the winner or winners to fall into, the main difference between American and European roulette in that American roulette has a double zero marked pocket while the European roulette wheel does not – although on the surface this may seem to be a merely aesthetic difference, the fact is that that one pocket gives the casino a greater house edge than a European roulette wheel would.

Roulette lets players jump in and start laying multiple and different bets for a high excitement playing session, but they all come with their own odds of winning and different payouts.  For an almost 50/50 chance of winning, one should stick to betting on just black or red when playing European roulette, but once you’ve more experience under your belt why get create and take a chance on 007 or Orphelin Plein.

Online Blackjack

online blackjackWith its supposedly Spanish roots, there are few casino games which have been attributed such exotic beginnings and while many other games have a clear history demarcating their dispersal throughout the world, blackjack tends to be something of a dark horse in this field.

Despite its unclear background, blackjack’s rules are some of the easiest in the business and it is partly for this reason that its reputation has reached such gargantuan, mythical proportions and led to tens of spin-offs. As aforementioned, blackjack doesn’t take a remarkable amount of skill and in fact, once you know what you have to do and apply patience, it’s pretty possible for even a rookie to make a killing.

The main objective is reaching the holy number of twenty-one – more than that and you go bust, much less than the dealer and the other players and you lose anyway. Indeed, in this case, the dealer’s hand does actually count as you are playing both against him and the rest of the table. Your objective is literally getting as close to twenty-one as possible – the person with the closest number to twenty-one is the winner! In this case, the trick is knowing when to stop and when to risk going on and just how much to bet. With incredibly high RTP of 98%+ this is one of the best online casino games on the market!

Keno Online

keno onlineUnlike some of its younger brothers, Keno affords its players a somewhat relaxing experience and although the name itself has Latin or French origins coming from the word five for the five numbers which were drawn in the first version of the game, Keno is thought to originally come from China and was brought to the rest of the world via Chinese workers who crossed the Pacific Ocean to aid other workers in building the First Transcontinental Railroad.

Although the game has been around for quite some time, it has altered very little and basically operates like the national lottery does – players choose specific numbers out of eighty according to their own personal preferences and then balls are drawn, the amount the player wins is dependent on how many matches his marked paper has to the drawn balls.

Of course, while this does sound somewhat simple, a fun fact to add here is that the probability of a player hitting all twenty numbers is around 1 in 3.5 quintillion and even if every person now alive played one keno game every single second of their lives, there would only be about one complete twenty spot winning ticket to date!