Bingo Download

The number of people who play and win using bingo download software is on the rise. If you’re an avid Bingo fan, you’ve probably already got an idea pertaining to the plethora of Bingo download sites that are available. Whilst playing online still rules as the preferred method, many sites will allow you to play Bingo simply by downloading their Bingo software and saving it to your computer.

When you start playing bingo, you will have two options about how you want to play. Either you play via a bingo website, who provide run and regulate the bingo software directly via the web page or you can download the software, app or bingo game. Either option has distinct benefits and differences which we’ll go through a little further down so you can make the best choice about how you want to play your favorite bingo games.

Differences Between Bingo Download and No Download

When you play using Bingo download software you’re playing directly with the game software. There is no need for your browser to be open or a fast internet connection as there is when you play directly from your internet browser without downloading. When you play at a bingo site they use Flash or Java to run your bingo games on the webpage. Therefore, internet speed really matters for no download bingo options. If you have a slow internet connection or are worried about your bingo game crashing halfway through (as is quite common of Flash games), then it is much better to download bingo software directly, as you won’t need to consider either of these points.

Apart from the functional differences, if you choose bingo download, you’ll have wider access to all the games offered by the operator of your choice, as there are no size or speed restrictions. This means Bingo download is a great option for players with newer computers and a fair bit of free memory. You can check how much space is left on your hard drive by;

• P.C/ Laptop users: Go to your computer settings and then click storage.

Apple/ Mac users: Click the apple icon, ‘about this Mac’ and then the storage tab.

Bingo downloads use space on your hard drive so if your computer is old or already reaching its capacity it may struggle to keep up with the software. The overall effect of this can be your computer getting slower. If this is the case, you’re best sticking with playing bingo directly from a bingo site without downloading.

When deciding whether to download bingo or play directly online you may also want to consider who has access to your computer, phone or tablet. If it is a shared device or one that persons under the age of 18 can access, it’s better to stick with playing in your browser as Bingo software saves your login details. Even when you are playing online, make sure you do not save your login details if your computer is shared.

How to Download Bingo Software for Your Computer

A sites bingo download pages are all really easy to follow and they actually lead you through several prompts until the software has downloaded in its entirety. The speed of the bingo download and set up of the software will depend on the overall speed of your computer and how long it takes your computer to process the request.

To begin the Bingo download simply peruse over to the Bingo site of your choice. After you have logged on you will instantly notice a download button. The button is normally found on the upper or lower part of your screen.

You will notice a plethora of information pertaining to the game, and what awesome additions you will receive with the bingo download, which you should definitely skim over to make sure you don’t miss out on any key info. Once you select the bingo download button, you will notice another screen pop-up that enables you to commence the bingo download process.

You should select the option that reads save file, to ensure that the Bingo download software is properly uploaded to your computer. After the file has completed the download process, you should be able to locate the saved file on your computer desktop.

Ensure before you open the file, that your internet is running. If your internet is not running, then you need to log onto your internet service provider site and open the file thereafter. You can select open to open the new software you have downloaded, by right clicking on the image with your mouse.

The bingo download software should open immediately, as long as it has been properly downloaded to your system. Once the software is open you can begin to enjoy all the perks that coincide with internet Bingo.

Bingo Download Software for Mobile and Tablet

With so many more players engaging in quick games of bingo on the go, or whilst taking a breather on a busy day the prominence of mobile bingo download apps has grown hugely. You can download bingo apps in much the same way you do on your computer, but you’ll source them through the Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store or directly from the bingo website you frequent. Then your phone or tablet will do most of the hard work for you.

Using a bingo app provides many of the same great benefits you get by playing online. There are bingo promotions, real money to be won and plenty of games on offer. However, there is also a huge range of apps on offer out there, which can make finding a high quality bingo download app difficult. All you need to do is spend some time reviewing different apps before making your final choice, pay close attention to the promotions they offer as bingo download apps tend to be very generous.

Expert Tip: If you’re an Android user you will have struggled to find bingo download and other casino apps at the Google Play Store before, but not anymore. This is because the Play Store used to have a ban on all gambling apps. The good news for Android users is that this was recently lifted so bingo and casino apps are now readily available to those meeting the age requirements.

Our Top 3 Bingo Download Apps for 2018

Wink Slots: Wink Bingo is a fantastic bingo site that we recommend both via live computer/mobile play and bingo download- it’s one of our favorites. Their app offers 90 and 75 ball bingo, 5 Line bingo, slots, casino games, scratch cards, progressive jackpots and free bingo games. The bingo app can be downloaded on Android, IOS and tablet. New members can pick up a cool joining bonus on their first deposit of £/$/€10 and earn an additional £/$/€30. Wink Bingo are well known for their many and constant promotions so you’ll be making a wise choice in playing with Wink. A lot of thought and care has gone into designing the Wink Slots App and it shows in the colorful, bright and welcoming graphic style, ease of use, low-ticket prices and awesome prizes up for grabs.

Betfair: Betfair welcome new players by offering a bingo download and joining bonus for new members when you deposit £/$/€5, you’ll receive £/$/€25! This is the biggest bonus of our top 3. Betfair Bingo runs on HTML5 software which makes the app look fantastic. Their bingo download app features both bingo and slots, meaning you can try your hand at something new and enjoy a spin on the reels in between bingo games. They have a fantastic range of bingo games on offer, including 90, 75 and speed ball bingo, Deal or No Deal, Lucky Numbers, Who Want to be a Millionaire and the ability to make your own private group and VIP rooms. Betfair Bingo download app boasts huge pooled prize pots and special bonuses and promotions for their members.

888 Ladies: This bingo download is targeted specifically for the ladies and the graphics just scream it with their rosy pink glow. Colour schemes aside, 888 Ladies have a great range of bingo games on offer and a generous joining bonus. Deposit £/$/€10 and get £/$/€40 to play with. The 888 bingo download app includes slots and bingo rooms. You can enjoy 90 and 70 ball bingo, fixed and progressive jackpots and pre-buy cards to make sure you never miss out. This app is totally player focused and community chat drive so dive and enjoy it.

How to Download a Bingo App

Downloading your mobile bingo app is easy. Simply search for the name of the application you want in either the Google Play Store or App Store and click to download the app. Your phone will notify you when the download and instalment are ready then all you need to do is open the app and register. If you already have an account with that bingo operator complete your login and start playing.

American Markets

If you’re based in the USA and Canada, unfortunately, there is a far more restricted availability of real money bingo download apps. Instead, bingo operators favour mobile ready sites, which is essentially their main website, but all the software and games have been optimised for mobile, tablet and touchscreen play. This means if you want to play bingo on the go, you’ll need to use the bingo sites mobile version, which your phone should automatically guide you to. You can find out more about the American and Canadian Mobile bingo sites like Bingo Canada, Online Bingo, Bingo Billy and Cyber Bingo that we endorse and read full-length reviews written by our experts right here.

Today, internet Bingo is one of the fastest growing games on the internet. This new style of playing enables people to engage in the activity of the game from their home. This means there is no more constant rush to make it to a Bingo hall, plus you have the reassurance knowing that no one can see your cards. Whether you choose to download bingo or play directly from the site it’s all about finding how you prefer to play and it fitting into your life and bingo-style, as well as your hardware’s technical specs. Make sure you spend some time checking different sites for your perfect playing spot and settle down for a bingo bonanza.