The Basic Online Bingo Tips

Let’s move on now to some basic Online Bingo Tips. There are no real strategies involved in playing online Bingo – it’s a game of luck, plain and simple. There are, however, a few things to look out for that can maximize your playing, and hopefully winning, experiences.


  1. Find a respectable online Bingo hall. This won’t ‘increase your chance of winning’, but it will certainly increase your odds of being paid if you do win! A respectable online Bingo hall should be licensed, well established and have a good player base and online bingo community.
  2. Make use of the online Bingo community. Get to know people and they’ll share their own advice and tips.
  3. Avoid crowded online Bingo games. The more people playing, the less chance you have of winning.
  4. Look for games with larger cash prizes. Penny games might be fun, but the prizes are usually very small. 25p games (£0.25 and up per card) tend to offer the best prizes.
  5. Find a good deposit bonus. When signing up a new real-money account, online Bingo rooms offer percentage based matching bonuses and/or no-deposit bonuses. Take advantage of these to get as many free plays as possible.
  6. Just about every online Bingo hall allows players to ‘change cards’ before a game begins. If you don’t like the looks of your Bingo cards, by all means, change them.

Online Bingo Etiquette

Proper bingo etiquette is an important trait to have when playing bingo online as you will gain the respect of the other players, bingo room managers and extend an overall courteousy that is part of the game.

Below are some common points of etiquette to consider when playing online bingo.

– Be polite to the bingo chat manager (CM) as their job is to keep everything running smoothly

– Treat other bingo players with respect

– If you have a complaint, take it up with customer service rather than in chat boxes

– Refrain from using foul or vulgar language as this can get you suspended or banned from the site.

Following these simple rules will enable you to have a much more enjoyable bingo experience and earn you the respect of bingo site managers and players.