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Pattern Bingo

Online bingo is a great way of enjoying bingo action without leaving the comfort of your own home. Pattern bingo can be found both online and in live bingo halls, but on the net the options available are pretty much unlimited.

In pattern bingo the goal is to create particular patterns on the cards using your numbers and your dauber, rather than just making five numbers in a row as in traditional bingo.

Playing Pattern Bingo
There are different patterns for different bingo games. The most common bingo card used in a 75-ball game has five rows and five columns creating a 25 spot grid. As the game progress, the player mark off every called number on the card. With great imagination this creates different patterns. The different winning patterns varies from site to site, but some of the most common are the “X”, the “clover leaf” the “four corners” and “the kite”.

75-ball game Pattern Bingo
Since 75-ball bingo is the game with most spots on every card, this is where you will find the most winning patterns. The kite for example, is created with four marked spots in any corner of the card, completed by a tail, (a diagonal row all the way to the opposite corner.) The corner leaf is when you manage to mark all four spots in every corner of the card. And the X, well you might have guessed it; it is two diagonal rows crossing over the middle spot of the card.

80-ball game Pattern Bingo
The 80-ball game card consists of 16 spots in a 4×4 box, creating a much smaller card than the one used in 75-ball bingo. This narrows down the number of possible patters significantly. But still there are several patterns to be made even in the 80-ball game. The most common one is the “Corners”, where you mark every spot in every corner of the card. The “Game X” is just like the Corners, but it is completed with all four center spots on the card as well.

90-ball game Pattern Bingo
As for the 90-ball game, well, it is played a little bit differently. The card consists of three horizontal rows and nine vertical columns. Only five spots of every row are numbered, and clearing all five of these spots is considered bingo, or “Any line”. There are only three different ways of winning in a 90-ball game: Clearing any one line, any two lines or a “full house”, (all three lines on the card), will generate a win.

Winning Pattern Bingo Online
The first player to mark her card with any of the pre-determined patterns wins, and usually the game continues until every pattern has been called by someone of the players. You can not make up your own patterns during the game, so make sure that you know which patterns are paying off. Fortunately when you are playing online, the software will alert when you win.