Bingo Tips and Strategies

Bingo might be a game of luck but it always helps to come up with some basic tips and strategies. They say it is never advisable to put your fate on chance.However, it always helps to come up with some basic bingo strategies of your own. So take note of what bingo enthusiasts have to offer to make your bingo sessions as enjoyable and productive as possible. Whether you are gunning for the jackpot prize at your favorite casino or at your local church, it is always better to go to battle with a few tricks up your sleeve.

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How do you calculate the odds?

Knowing your chances of winning in bingo is quite simple. All you do is divide the number of cards by how many tickets are in play in the game. For instance, you have five cards and there are 100 sheets being played simultaneously. The total amount of cards can be known in the section where the prizes are displayed. Therefore, the chances of winning online bingo are 5/100 which is equal to 5%.

Another way of calculating your lucky chance at bingo is a head count. How many players are actively playing divided by how many cards you think each player has. Each player buys an average of 6 tickets, therefore if there are a 100 players with 6 cards each, your bingo odds are 6/100 or 6%.

Choosing the Best Bingo Rooms

The choice is yours too make but the principle is to play only a few bingo games, when there are a few players. You could participate in low value bingo games for if you happen to win low cash prizes, you can buy more cards for the big jackpot bingo games. Sometimes your luck is all on the choice of cards, not only that but you have to be selective when you play as there is a possibility you may not win any of the games and lose all your money.

Choose the Bingo Cards

Most bingo admissions allow players to pick their own bingo cards so maximize this opportunity by arriving early and pick the best cards. Operators may offer a ‘play all you want’ for a certain price and give you more cards than you can handle. Be wary of this. You will end up losing everything for being unable to keep track of the numbers announced because you have too many cards to watch. From one session to another keep your bingo cards, so that you gain advantage over other bingo players with familiarity of which numbers were called out in the previous sessions.

Play bingo online and gain your experience – professionals recommend playing 4 cards at the same time. I’m quite sure you will reach this level after first day of your adventure with online bingo games.

Remember – the most successful player is the player who plays the most cards simultaneously and thus, grabs the most money. More bingo cards = more chances.

The Best Bingo Numbers

It is not a rule but there are favored numbers for each of the corresponding letters in bingo. For letter B, you need to look for the lowest numbers. Numbers 19 to 29 are good for letter I. Numbers less than 40 are the best for letter N, while numbers greater than 49 are the most favored for letter G. Letter O usually opts for the numbers 60 to 70. The odds are great for these numbers.

The Magic Number 38

One of the simpler online bingo tips you can count on is 38, funnily enough the probability is that the digit picked in a bingo game gives you more chance of winning. So when you select your tickets, be on the lookout for the magic number, how about a cup of tea with one fat lady…

Prepare Yourself to Play Bingo

This may sound very obvious to many of you, but it does makes sense to prepare. Having so many bingo cards placed in front of you, makes you want to rush through the tickets marking the numbers called out. Looking for the figures as fast as you can could lead you to lose track of which cards you have checked already and lead you to miss a combination. You can resort to using tape or glue to fix the cards together to make one big sheet, this will prevent you from missing any numerals.

Play More Cards, Less Bingo Players

Play more cards on slower nights. Less people mean more chances of winning. You have a greater chance of bagging that jackpot if you play on weekdays. Weekends are usually flocked with clients eager to throw those work clothes away and enjoy.

Bingo Etiquette

A tip sheet is never complete without a take on the realms of etiquette. When you are playing bingo, as with everything else in life, give respect and courtesy to others. Don’t go about screaming whenever your number comes out or what numbers you need. Never curse or swear about bad numbers. It affects other people and they might end up blaming you for their bad sessions.

Play with Your Neighbours

Generosity always begets generosity. Once in a while you may treat your seatmates with a card or two. When you win its never tacky to share a dollar or two with your neighbors. You never know when you might need an extra card or extra cash. Your neighbor might be in for an extremely lucky evening.

The bingo prizes up for grabs

Before joining a bingo room you need to know for what you are playing for, a cash prize. Gaining the experience of the game will give you the knowledge to implement the best bingo strategies, marking the numbers called out completing the sheet.

Practice Playing Bingo

One of the bingo tips that many gaming sites suggest to the practice and acquire the experience, for the more you practice, the better you are at the number game. Take advantage of the ongoing bonuses such as the free bingo games and chat rooms. These give you the chance to talk and socialise with other people while also helping you, comparing notes on the best bingo strategies.

Blackout Bingo Pattern

This Bingo pattern is the simplest way to win the game. It all comes down to your luck, intuition and choice of your cards by marking all the numbers that are called out on the sheet. The first bingo player to cover all the card is a winner.

Granville’s Bingo Strategies

Joseph E Granville is a mathematical analyst who came up with new investment strategies in the stock market. He implemented his math calculations to Bingo, proving that it is just a random game of luck.

Using Granville’s strategy, it is possible to spot bingo patterns in the number draws. The probability of any ball being drawn is 1 in 75. However, after the first pick, what would be the probability that the first number is drawn? The bingo odds in each draw, changes.

According to Granville, a few bingo patterns noticed include:

Straight Line Bingo Patterns

As the numbers are called out, you mark the digits that fill the sheet. You could win by completing a straight line, vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Forming two lines and even three in any direction is possible. If you look close enough, you will realize letter formations that resemble A, B, C, E, H, I, L, M N, O, P, S T, U V, W, X, Y and Z.

Picture Frame Patterns

The random numbers picked could also form a picture frame pattern. This is formed by marking the numerals around the edge of the bingo card or it could also be a smaller box on the inside. A broken frame is another strategy in bingo, where three numbers are marked in each of the four corners.

Bingo Diamond Patterns

Bingo strategies also include patterns that form an outline of a diamond with four lines. Each corner touches the center of each side at the top, bottom, left and right. Other tilted squares are also formed by filling in the empty space on the inside as well as a smaller diamond.

Crazy Bingo Patterns

The crazier the bingo pattern the better as the odds are higher, giving you the advantage of forming a bingo strategy at 90, 180 and 270 degrees. There are many formations which can not only be right way up but towards the left or right and upside down.

Some of the bingo strategies with four ways to win bingo include: A corner stamp which involves a block of four in any one corner, a block of six, eight or nine, gives you a better chance, Crazy Pyramid or Triangle.

There are other random bingo strategies that have only one way of winning, these are:

Have Fun Playing Online Bingo

The most fundamental thing for every player is to have fun playing bingo in a happy mood. The positive energy will boost your winning chances for the simple reason you enjoy playing the game. You are never alone in a bingo room, you can also chat away with other online bingo players and share the excitement of it all. The purpose of playing is to try and win because after all you have to be in it to win it!

Enjoy the Bingo Lingo

What is Bingo without the Lingo? You need to familiarize yourself with the different phrases that define the numbers. A bingo tip is that if you did not catch the number called, you could easily recognize it from the phrase and mark it. Make the experience all the more fun when you hear the caller say:

Lastly, you should know your limitations. Never play more than your wallet can afford. You should know the difference between having fun and getting broke.Even playing free online bingo, may not hurt your wallet, but it sure is addictive and can get you in trouble later on.