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Best Bingo Bonus – Top Online Bingo Bonuses

It’s often said that the most satisfying way to make money is to get paid for doing something you enjoy. If you enjoy playing online bingo, you can get the satisfaction of being paid for playing by getting set up with an online bingo bonus. So not only can you sit on your couch and play bingo in the comfort of your own home, but you can get paid for doing it. Here we’re going to give you a quick look at how bonuses for online bingo work and how you can get in on the action.

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How The Bonuses Work

bingo-balls-bonusOnline bingo rooms are constantly in competition with each other, which means that they have to offer good promotions and bonuses to appeal to players. The most common type of bingo bonus that online bingo rooms offer will pay you a certain percentage of a deposit amount. For example, a bonus might offer to pay you 50% of your deposit as a bonus, so if you deposit $200, you’ll get an extra $100 for depositing.

The bonus money isn’t credited directly to your account because that would be too easy for people to abuse. Instead, you’ll have to meet what are called play through requirements on the bonus. If a playthrough requirement on a $100 bonus is 4x, that means you’ll have to wager a total of $400 before your bonus is released. After the bonus is released, however, it’s just like any other cash in your account, and you can play with it or withdraw it as you see fit.

Figuring Out Your Hourly

With a little math, you can figure out what your hourly wages are for playing online bingo. Suppose it will take you 10 hours of play to clear the playthrough requirements of a $200 bingo bonus. Then that means you’ll be effectively making $20 an hour to play online bingo. While different bingo bonuses will be different sizes and have different playthrough requirements, you’ll always be able to figure out your hourly rate if you can estimate how long it will take you to clear the bonus requirements.

Bingo Sign Up Bonus

These are given out when you first sign up to an online bingo site.

The sign up bingo bonus usually works in one of three ways. The first is instant credit and the second way is release over time bonus. The third type of bingo sign up bonus is a no deposit sign up bonus, where you are given free money by the bingo site to try their software. We’ll go over the main types of bingo sign-up bonuses.

The first type of online bingo sign up bonus is an instant credit bonus. With the instant credit bingo sign-up bonus, whatever the advertised bonus by the bingo hall is, it’s automatically credited to your account for use as soon as you deposit. For instance if the sign up bonus for a particular bingo site is 100% and you deposit $100, you will login to your account and see $200 immediately available to play.
The second type of bingo sign up bonus is a released bingo bonus. In this type of bingo signup bonus, your money is released the more often you play. So staying with the above example, if you deposit $100 with a release bonus, you will have to play bingo games to get your $100 bonus. Depending on the site this could be just a few tickets or several.

The good news is most of the online bingo sites offer instant sign up bonus credits so there is no need to play through. The reason any site would do a release sign-up bingo bonus is because they don’t want people depositing $100 then taking the bonus and cashing out $200 for a $100 profit – without ever playing a game. You aren’t allowed to do this.

The third type of bingo sign up bonus is the free bingo sign up bonus. A large majority of online bingo sites offer you free real money to play their games and
hopefully fall in love with their software/site. The online bingo sites offer you the free sign up bonus as soon as you register at the bingo site for free.

Some of the bingo sites require you to enter your credit card or payment info but many do not. Look at a full list of bingo sign up bonuses in the chart on our bingo site reviews pages.

How To Obtain A Bingo Sign On Bonus

Lavorare Al BingoOnline bingo websites are offering a plethora of bonuses to players in order to encourage prospective players to engage in bingo game play on their specific site. A bingo sign-on bonus is just one of the types of bonuses that are traditionally offered by bingo websites in order to encourage individuals to engage in game play on their websites.

Sign-on bonuses are traditionally given to an individual after they register onto a bingo website. The bonuses can range from a few dollars or Euros to twenty five dollars or Euros in other places. The amount of money that a bingo website chooses to offer for a sign on bonus will be based upon their own discretion.

These Bingo sign-on bonuses are also commonly referred to as signup bonuses as well. Be aware that you will not be able to withdrawal the funds that are given to you with this sign-on bonus. The bonus is used to give you the opportunity to engage in game play on a bingo website.

A lot of bingo websites are offering these bonuses because they are trying to give individuals a chance to engage in playing a game of bingo online without having to render money to play the games in the first place. There are a lot of people that take advantage of these sign-on bonuses so they can try out several different bingo websites without having to render money to engage in playing games.

With bingo sign-on bonuses individuals will be able to play a game of bingo and decide if they like the way that the games are played on a specific site. Players that obtain one of these bonuses after registering on an online bingo website will be able to engage in regular game play in the same means that regular paying customers are.

An individual will be given the opportunity to chat with other players and they will also be able to play a game of bingo without having to deposit funds first. These bingo sign-on bonuses or signup bonuses let you get an idea of how games are played on a specific website and decide if you would like to deposit your funds on a certain bingo site or not.