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Bingo Cards

As children in school, many of us used plastic reusable type bingo cards, in fact you’ll still find that many social bingo games continue to offer these types of bingo cads, they are still quite popular at events such as baby showers, or church events, or other charity functions.

At your average bingo hall however, players don’t so much use actual bingo cards at all. Most land based bingo halls utilize a packet of paper, glued together at the top and referred to as a packet. Each piece of paper in a bingo packet has several mini ‘bingo cards’ on it. The entire page is played during each game, so you’re not just daubing one bingo card, you’re actually playing 6 or so bingo games at one time.

Online bingo sites use the same version of bingo card as you expect to get in a live bingo hall except for obviously the daubing is done electronically and even automatically if you so wish.

Electronic Bingo Cards

Another bingo card option is the electronic bingo card, the traveler machine is a popular electronic bingo option. When you use an electronic bingo card machine, the bingo caller says the number out loud and then your numbers are usually daubed for you as you punch them in.

Online, this is even simpler! You don’t have to do anything but watch the show if you don’t want to. Your bingo numbers are called out by the online bingo hall’s caller (usually a virtual personality) and then they are automatically daubed for you on your bingo card, when you make a bingo, it’s automatically called for you too!

You can however opt to call your own bingos and/or mark your own bingo cards online if you so choose. Whichever option from above you use bingo cards will still look the same. Every bingo card has the word BINGO written across the top in boxes, one letter in each box.

Each bingo card is then randomly assigned bingo numbers. The ‘B’ numbers will range form 1-15 when playing American bingo, the I numbers range from 16-30 N numbers from 31-45 G’s range from 46-60 and the 0’s from 60 to the last number, 75. The bingo card is split into rows, with five numbers from each column (B.I.N.G.O.) randomly placed in boxes on the card.