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How to play and Win 80 Ball Online Bingo.

80 ball bingo is the shiny all new bingo game that has taken the UK by storm! Originating in the UK, the game has spread like wildfire and it now brings fun and joy into bingo halls worldwide.

80 ball bingo sits on the middle ground between the more traditional 75 and 90 ball versions of the game. It is shorter and a little more complex than 90 ball bingo, but longer and a little less complex than 75 ball bingo. Essentially, 80 ball bingo hits that sweet spot in the middle, making it perfect for all the players who want to play the best of both worlds.

Originally called ‘shutter board bingo’ on account of the small shutters that cover the numbers on the bingo cards in live bingo halls, this game is now available in online versions across the world… So you can play it anywhere at any time!


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Playing 80-Ball Bingo

As you may expect, in 80 ball bingo, you are waiting for numbers between 1 and 80 to be called by the bingo caller; if a number on your card is called then you need to mark it with your dabber. You will notice that the grid found on 80 ball bingo cards is different from 75 and 90 ball bingo cards. It is laid out in a 4×4 pattern with a total of 16 numbers across the grid. Each column is a different colour and the numbers are divided into the different colours. The way this works is like this: the red column contains numbers between 1 and 20, the yellow one has numbers between 21 and 40, the blue one has numbers between 41 and 59 and the silver one has numbers between 60 and 80.

To make the game interesting, in 80 ball bingo you are not simply looking to fill in a horizontal line or house – which can get boring – nor do you have to keep track of confusing patterns – which can be difficult to remember. Instead, your aim is to complete any one of the following: diagonal, vertical or horizontal lines, all the numbers in each of the four corners of the grid, the four numbers in the centre of the grid (which form a square) or a full house. You can also win prizes for completing up to three lines across the grid.

The amount of money you can win through completing any one of these variations is typically determined by the price of each ticket and the number of bingo players who have been playing alongside you. However, there are many live bingo halls that offer a guaranteed minimum amount of prize money regardless of how many players are in the game.

Playing 80 ball bingo online

Playing bingo online can be a fun and rewarding experience for all players, experienced and new. Its main advantage is that it can be played from the comfort of your own home – or even from a mobile device! Additionally, there are a variety of sites that offer free sign up bonuses or deposit bonuses, as well as a range of other promotions that can be picked up as you become a regular, loyal player of the online game. There is a huge range of choice out there, so if your interested in playing bingo online then it’s best to shop around a bit first to find the best deal for you.

Once you make your decision, signing up to an online bingo site is super easy; it’s simply a case of making an account, filling in some personal details and making a deposit. So long as you use a reputable site, you can be assured that your personal and bank details are quite safe, however, if you’re concerned about this then checking the T&Cs should put your mind at rest. There are many different options you can use to deposit money, including e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill and many visa and credit cards like Maestro, so you can find what’s right for you before you get started.

When you’re all set up, it’s time to play! The online version of 80 ball bingo is very similar to the live version, with only a few variations. The most important difference is the way that you mark the numbers on your bingo card. Online there are two options: doing it yourself with your mouse or allowing the computer software to do it. Whilst the first option provides a more interactive feel, if you have never played bingo before you may find that the computer software is a better way to start as it will always keep up with the numbers being called. This is especially true if you are playing with more than one cards at a time (a good technique for those of you who want to increase your chances or winning).

Winning 80 ball bingo

Winning bingo is generally quite easy, however, if you really want to improve your chances or winning big, then there are a couple of things that you can do. The first is aforementioned: playing more bingo cards. If you are on a tight budget then shop around for sites or halls that sell inexpensive bingo cards that fit within your budget. This way you can play more of them and increase your chances of winning. Also, try to play in off peak hours – playing in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night as opposed to in the evenings when most people are on their computers can vastly improve your chances or winning some bigger cash prizes. This is simply because you won’t be sharing the pot of prize money with as many other people!