Australian Bingo Rooms

Renowned across the UK and US for bringing fun-filled nights to bingo halls across the western world, bingo moved down under in the 1970s and has been growing ever since. As part of a thriving gambling culture, which spreads across the continent, it comes as no surprise that aussie online bingo has become a big deal. Read on for more details on Online Bingo Australia. You’re sure to find the best deals and Australian online bingo bonuses around. A wide variety of 90-ball and 75-ball games are available, in both single player and live community game formats – and with so many games to choose from it’s easy to see why people to get hooked!








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About Aussie Online Bingo

Australian Bingo Rooms

Australian bingo is traditionally played in the 90-ball format – the version of the game where players have cards numbered 1-90 and prizes can be won by completing one line, two lines or a full house. This game has an advantage over the alternative 75-ball game in that on each individual card there tends to have more houses on it, and more houses means more opportunities to win!

That said, there are still plenty of other options out there, so if you’re looking for something new to put a tingle in your dabber then take a look at some of the top Australian bingo sites listed below.


Australian Online Bingo Sites

There’s a superb range of online bingo rooms available on the web, some of which are favourites all over the world and not just down under. Each and every online bingo site has its own sign up bonuses, the most common are the no deposit bingo bonus from the variety of promotions. Many Australian bingo sites have interactive live chat features within the bingo rooms offering an unbeatable online bingo experience.
Online bingo sites allowed in Australia accept players from all states – from Queensland to Victoria, from Sydney to Melbourne and even Tasmania. You’re bound to bump into a fellow Aussie or Kiwi!

The sense of community is still kept alive, as it’s the quality that made traditional bingo a huge hit. With the fun chat rooms, players can connect with fellow Aussies as they play for real money and win fantastic prizes.Websites that cater for Australian bingo players are famous for their friendly chat rooms. So despite adapting to the digital age, bingo remains a social game by creating strong communities of housie members all over the continent. The online bingo sites have ways to motivate players to communicate with fellow members. This is instigated through offers of a chance to win a bingo bonus credit. It may sometimes be to guess words, be the first player to shout something specific, select lucky numbers or other fun and exciting instructions.

On these sites, they support team tends to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and most aim to have payments as fast as Road Runner. Meep meep and your funds and prizes are transferred with lighting speed to all parts of Australia. Many online bingo sites accept international player. Aussies have similar online bingo styles to the British players. If you do a little research into Australian online bingo you’ll soon find that Aussies get along pretty well with Canadian players.

There are quite a few things you must keep in mind when selecting an online bingo site. Firstly you should verify the T&Cs of the website. Secondly, you should keep an eye open for the wagering requirements of your desired game as they affect the deposits made regardless of how appealing the bonus may appear. Thirdly, watch out for the withdrawal policy as it may affect how much you are allowed to withdraw at any given time.
Other important details are the restricted countries, and game exclusions and bonus rules. These are the nitty-gritty things you should make sure are crystal clear before registering any account. Some players are particular to the technology (probably not your bingo-loving-granny). So effectively, preference is given to online bingo sites housing the latest and most advanced software in the digital world.

Australia Bingo – Play methods

The stereotypical image people associate with bingo is elderly women round a table on a Sunday, chatting away as they enjoy a couple of games of bingo over a spot of tea. Today, this has changed dramatically.Bingo is a great source of entertainment and the bingo halls have always been a fun-filled place having started out in the UK and USA. Bingo’s popularity has now spread across the globe and reached Australia in the 1970s where it was known as ‘housie’, an abbreviation of the term ‘full house’. Since then bingo has become thriving and became part of the growing culture of gambling.

Although traditionally, Bingo in Australia is a social game used to raise funds for charities mainly for churches and non-profit organisations; it is currently on the rise as a popular game for personal profit. With the digital age, online bingo has grown even more so as a favourite in the online gaming industry and the gamers are no longer exclusive to elder women but all people of all ages.

The traditional version of bingo in Australia is usually the 90-ball game but there is the 75-ball game available too which have similar regulations to those of UK and is equally popular. Online bingo can be played either as on single player mode or on live community formats. With a multitude of games to play, you’re bound to get hooked.

The standard version of bingo is the 90-ball games but is similar to its relative the 75-ball games and are both popular in the Aussie online community. In the 75-ball games the bingo cards are marked by distinctive patterns created through the white space. This white space is already filled in, so your job is to fill in the rest of the squares in order to win full prizes. Only by completing the whole card would you be able to win the full house. So Tippett’s Theory is a great strategy to adopt when figuring out the amount of squares already filled in as well as to roughly determine the time length of the game. Common 75-ball patterns are the Broken Frame, Bullseye, Butterfly and Candle. The 90-ball version differs slightly. While the 75-ball patterns are usually created through the 5 x 5 square, the 90-ball game has a rectangular shape and is split into three lines with five numbers spread across each line. In order to win at the 90-ball version, the prizes are split into three ways: a percentage give for completing one line, a higher percentage is given for completing two lines and the top prize is reserved for the first player to complete the whole table, called the full house. In cases where more than one player completes the full house at the same time, which can sometimes happen, the prize is evenly shared. Consolation prizes are found in both versions of the game.

Other Types of Bingo Games on Australia Bingo Sites

75-ball bingo is very similar to its sister game 90-ball bingo and almost as popular amongst aussies. Here, bingo cards are marked out by the distinctive patterns created by the white space in the middle of each marked square. This white space is effectively already filled in and you only have to complete the rest of the numbers on the square to win a prize – complete all the squares on the card and you win a full house. Tippett’s Bingo Theory works especially well with this game because you can tell whether a game is going to be long according to the amount of white space filled in on your card.Both 90-ball and 75-ball games can be played interactively amongst other live players making the game even more exciting as you try to beat your fellow gamers.

Online Australia Bingo Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

There are plenty of different deposit and withdrawal methods that can be used for Australian bingo including e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller and Click2Pay and most major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Postepay and Maestro). You will also find that you can deposit money via other methods such as Ukash, ecoPayz, EntroPay and INSTADEBIT, as well as withdraw money via a cheque or wire. These deposit and withdrawal methods should not cause an issue with your bank and almost all aussie bingo rooms work flawlessly with the CBA, Westpac, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, St. George, HSBC and Bank West.
It’s beneficial to keep in mind that the majority of international online bingo sites accept Australian dollars amongst other currencies including British Pound, Euro and American Dollars.

Legal overview of bingo in Australia

The first thing anyone should know about Australian online bingo legalities and government regulations is playing real money online bingo is totally legal in Australia. So as a local you shouldn’t have any trouble funding your account and withdrawing your winnings with Australian currency.

As stated in the Interactive Gambling Act, 2001, it is illegal for Australian residents to use real money for interactive gambling offered by internet gaming operators. Since this applies solely to Australian operators, there are offshore organisations who offer their services to the Australian public. These reliable companies provide the chance for Australian citizens to play online bingo in a safe and fair manner.

Australians aren’t legally allowed to gamble at sites located in Australia so players wishing to enjoy online bingo in Australia are required to use sites hosted in other countries and granting access to these willing gamers. More often than not, Australians haven’t got any issues finding internet bingo sites since housie is so similar to the UK style online bingo.

Australia Bingo Bonuses and Promotions

Bingo bonuses vary from site to site, so finding the right one for you is important if you want to make the best use of the promotions and have the gaming experience you desire. Often there are small sign up bonuses which are totally free, however, if you want to get the bigger bonuses then finding sites that offer deposit bonuses (usually a percentage of what you deposit) is the way to go.

Always be careful to read all the T&Cs before you sign up to a site and check that its within your means to qualify for anything that you win using your bonus money as some sites can make it a bit difficult to claim real money prizes.

Every website, not exclusively those accepting Aussie players, aims to attract players. The way to successfully do this is through creating tempting promotions and bonuses to not only lure new players to give it a go and become attached, but even to reward loyal players. Since players have different levels of experience and their own personal taste, this affects the preferred online bingo rooms and the grand selection of offers.

Most online Australia bingo have a no deposit bonus which can be claimed once you sign up with the site. These amounts are usually quite modest yet they are totally online bingo free money. Moreover, there are bigger and better offers available providing a deposit bonus which essentially means a percentage of what you deposit is added and is usually the best way to get a great start onto any online gaming site. This is the most convenient way to hop on to the bingo betting fun.

When it comes to promotions and bonuses, you should always read between the lines to clarify the bonus rules. Sometimes you may want to use a particular bonus, but you won’t be able to use it for what you wish to play. On the other hand, plenty of gaming websites offer excellent promotions on a daily or weekly basis to keep things fresh.

Players should always read the terms and conditions when signing up to a site as they would give you more info on what your bonus qualifies for since some sites make it challenging to claim their prizes.

Online Bingo No Deposit Bonus Australia

In the online gaming world there are several websites created for Aussie players and other international websites which accept Australian players. One of the primary differences between online bingo and traditional bingo is the exciting amount of opportunities available. Not only can you play online bingo from the comfort of your own home, but you are additionally given a rewarding experience when participating in an online bingo room. The greatest advantage to anyone interested in bingo is the free money bonus where players aren’t required to place a deposit in their account while they test the waters. Even if you want to give the website a shot out of curiosity, you are given the opportunity. This free money bonus is for any type of player since you can learn hands on how to play online bingo if you are a beginner. Even experts are given a go to try out the atmosphere and perks of the site and with a little bit of luck, can transform these rewards into real cash prizes quickly.

It’s certainly a win-win situation and a highly effective marketing tool. There are two types of Australian no deposit bingo: The first type gives you the chance to use free money with the option of selecting the bingo cards you desire. The other type of bonus gives away free bingo cards. The latter is helpful for players who prefer not to worry about deciding what bingo cards to pick. In this way, you can play the bingo cards and keep the prizes. In general, Australian no deposit bingo bonuses vary on average between $5 and $20 and all sites have their particular criteria which makes you eligible to withdraw the winnings.

Facts about bingo games in Australia

With the gambling industry booming, Australian bingo is one of many games that has seen a rise in new players – not just older women! Large chains like Megabingo have branched out across the continent and they continue to provide live fun for all the family with kids and young adults getting involved in weekly bingo tournaments and everyday bingo tournaments. Australia even had a TV game show called ‘National Bingo Night’ until recently, which is a testament to the games pervasiveness within the culture as well as the games popularity.

A Final Note on Australia Online Bingo

Due to the growing demand of online bingo, sites are continuously being launched. The latest sites always have the best promotions and bonuses around. So when it comes to choosing the ideal website for you, you have a challenge ahead of you. As a result, the wisest thing to do is to concentrate and gather as much information and filter the sites based on your preferences and more importantly the best deals which suit your requirements. In the long run, signing up with the best deals enables you to receive the best bonuses which essentially will give you the most pleasure out of your experience. In the end, you must choose your favourite Australia online bingo games.