75 Ball Bingo

75 ball bingo is not fundamentally different than 90 ball or 80 ball bingo. 75 ball just has 75 numbers and the bingo card for 75 ball looks different.

75 ball is the predominantly played bingo game in the United States and Canada. Generally in a game of 75-ball bingo, there are multiple patterns that can give you bingo to make the game more exciting. Some classic 75 ball patterns are 4 corners, one line, and a T.

There are many more combinations for patterns in 75 ball bingo games such as the love pattern (heart shape), letters of the alphabet, numbers and more. When an entire block of 75 numbers in 75 ball bingo are shaded, it is called a coverall. Although traditionally being a North American style of bingo, 75-ball has grown in popularity amongst Europeans in recent years.