Online Bingo Games

Overview of Online Bingo Games

Each online bingo site has a huge variety of games on offer. We have covered the rules and how to play bingo games in other areas of the site and the main differences in the most common forms of bingo games – 75-ball Bingo, 90 ball bingo and the increasingly popular 80 ball bingo. . So what do we mean exactly by bingo games?

One of the biggest variants between online bingo rooms is the huge number of different types of games they offer and not specifically down to 75ball, 80 or 90 ball bingo games, but their progressive jackpots, multiplayer games and other offers and special graphic or bonus bingo games.

Of course one of the most varying factors in the bingo games on offer at online rooms is the different prices for tickets which can start as low as a penny and the corresponding prizes or jackpots. Good online bingo halls will of course have many different options for prizes and cost of tickets to suit all players.

On this page we will try and give you an overview of some of the bingo games on offers at the top bingo sites with some examples of winnings and costs of cards/tickets at standard games rules or game play.

Another thing to mention before we go into the game types themselves is that most bingo rooms often change up their game offers and add new ones all the time. This is to make sure their players don’t get bored of the same elements or prizes and keeps the bingo games on offer nice and fresh for the users. Of course standard games will always run but often the special games will change on a monthly basis, and many games are specific to the months they are in, with related prizes in the games, for example around Christmas and Easter most rooms will runs many games associated with those holidays to keep you entertained and prizes mathcing those occasions.

So onto some of the most common bingo game types and examples.

75 Ball Bingo Game – Otherwise known as US bingo, we cover this game type in detail on our specific 75 ball bingo page, but a quick overview is that as the name implies 75 balls are used in the game and players use cards of grid 5 x 5. A Win is achieved through marking off a pre-determined pattern (most commonly horizontal, diagonal or vertical pattern). BingoHall have some fantastic and large palyer based US Bingo games – Dollar game is currently our fave, $1 to byuy your ticked with a $2.5k prise.

DOLLAR bingo game at BingoHall' - www_bingohall_ag


90 Ball Bingo Game – This is the standard bingo game in the UK and uses 90 balls. The cards are made up of a 3×9 rectangular grid each line has 5 numbers and 4 empty black. The game is played on 6 tickets. Each number can only be called out once. A winning pattern is based around 3 successive patterns (each pattern can get you a win – and each has its own prize attached to it). The patterns are “any 1 line” (i.e. All numbers on one line are marked), “any 2 lines” (i.e. All numbers on two lines of the ticket are marked) and the “full house” (i.e. all 15 numbers on one ticket are marked). You can go over 90-ball bingo game in detail via this link. We really like Foxy’s 90 ball bingo. Firstly they have one of the best sites and game play overall anyway, and they have a huge amount of 90 ball games going all the time, with varying ticket costs, the 5p tickets are a great starter point, as the prizes tend to be better on foxy for this ticket price than on other sites.

FOxybingo 90 ball bingo- www_foxybingo_com_bingo-90ball_php

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80 Ball Bingo Game – On our how to play bingo section you can find more details of the 80 ball bingo, at a glance this is a middle ground between 75 and 90 ball bingo and has become ever more popular in recent years. It is played on a 4 by 4 card with each column having a corresponding colour (red, yellow, blue or white. The winning card having matching numbers called to a pre-determined pattern for that game. For example a diagonal line across the card.

Speed Bingo – This type of game can be played as a variant of either 90 ball or 75 ball bingo (and 80 ball for that matter). The only difference is the speed in which the game is played; the numbers are called of much faster than in regular bingo games. This game type is excellent for mobile and players looking to fit in some quick games, it also is one bingo game where online play with auto marking of your cards in our opinion is much superior game play to that in a bingo hall where speed bingo can be a bit stressful. A good example of this online is William Hill Bingo – their 90 ball speed bingo is very highly rated game, tickets are cheap starting at a penny and prizes ranging from £7 up to £60.


Multi Variant Bingo – can’t decide which bingo game is for you? Multi variant bingo is as the name suggests a game made up by combing the elements of traditional 90 ball, 80 and 75 ball bingo games, this allows you not to have to jump from room to room to play each of the varying styles so it’s a great option to increase the novelty in your bingo game play. William Hill bingo have two great games “time out tavern” and “variety” – Variety has a fair play set up with a max of 12 tickets per player, and each ticket costs from 10p up. Time out tavern game has some big prize pools up to £1000.


Free Bingo Games – most online bingo sites will also offer free games of bingo for players to get used to their rooms game types and how their websites work. Also it’s good to have some free game options to play at your chosen bingo room ad chat to your friends while you wait for the jackpot and prise games to start.

Chat games – Chat games are just that, bingo games where the online room encourages players to chat to each other and build a sense of community amongst the online players with in that room. Usually taking part in chat games will get you extra bonus points or credits, which you can use towards new bingo tickets for regular games or to qualify for special bonuses and prizes FoxyBingo have daily chat games which are excellent (you can see the schedule here Some rooms such as NewBingo Billy have both regular and promo chat games, the main difference between the two is the eligibility you need to take part, based on whether you are a top user or not, so that they can tailor both he game and prizes towards the respective players. Bingo Rooms use chat game moderators to make sure that the chat is going well and each room usually has strict policies over how people address each other win the chat games. It’s worth looking into each room chat games as it’s a great way to be part of the community and also you usually get great bonus offers by taking part.

'Online Chat Bingo Games

Pre-set Bingo Game Jackpots- bingo game type is based around a pre-determined pattern in 75 ball bingo or a full house ion 90 ball bingo (it can be other patterns of course as well but these are the most common forms). The winnings for getting that pattern is called the jackpot, and in this game type the jackpots are specified prior to the game starting (and in most cases does not rely on the number of persons playing or the cost for the tickets as other regular games can do). As an example of this we draw your attention to Wink Bingos Saturday night guaranteed jackpot, it starts ay 10pm each Saturday, card price is 50p and the jackpot is £5,000!!

Winkbingo games jackpot

Progressive Jackpots Games – Like the pre-set bingo games mentioned above, Progressive Bingo jackpots are a type of game where the starting prize is fixed before the game starts, then grows as more and more players buy tickets to the game. Usually they have a specific terms on them such as a full house or black out must be completed with the first 50 numbers called otherwise the jackpot progresses to the next game, so the jackpot can grow and grow until a winner is found. Costa Bingo is one of the best sites for progressive jackpots on both their 75 ball and 90 ball games. The prizes are usually very good and run very often, some rooms can take to long for the jackpot games to rollover into the next game.


Multiplayer Bingo Games – This is a great concept for spicing up bingo games. And this is a reason why we love online bingo games as they offer you the chance to play game types that do not really work in actual bingo halls. Multiplayer bingo games allow you to team up with other members of the online bingo room for specific games and essentially share your cards and therefore the winnings and the prizes amongst your team. Great way to play with friends and in more of a team environment in what is seen as a very single play type of game. Rooms will vary which games can be played as “multiplayer” and not all rooms do support this type of game play, we would recommend either Betfred, gala or Foxy for multiplayer bingo games .

Special Bingo Games

AS we mentioned at the top of this piece the number of specific games each of the online bingo rooms have is huge and we don’t have the space on the site to review all of them, also as mentioned rooms will often change up their game types on a regular basis to keep the entertainment levels as high as possible for their players, so we suggest checking out our special offers page for the latest games out on the market. That being said we have picked out a few of our favourites here and gave a brief into to each of them;

Deal or no Deal, – Cool game based around popular tv series, this is usually offered on several online bingo rooms, as it’s such a popular game. We picked Titan out for this one a their jackpot on the 90 balll DOND game is now at £75,130 which is enormous. Standard rates of the card entry and the jackpot rules are good. They have incorporated 4 prizes into the bingo game and if you are a winner, you will get a call from “the banker” as in the TV game and you must decide to take his offer or stick with the prize allocated in your box. It’s a exciting element to the game a stick or twist that has a great draw to the bingo game.

Titan Bet - Bingo deal or no deal








Lucky numbers – again this is on several bingo sites, but we have chosen betfred as the example blow as we feel the bonus and prizes they have given out for this game are better than those offered elsewhere. The lucky numbers bingo game is a regular 90 ball game where you also get to pick out three of your lucky numbers to play for a jackpot prize, if those numbers are called as luck you qualify or win, it’s as simple as that but great fun and another dimension to the traditional bingo game.


Who wants to be a millionaire? In this bingo game, 12 fixed jackpots are available where the top jackpot is, yeah you guessed it 1 million pounds, the caller as in the series is actually Chris Tarrent so you get the same studio feel, you also get a free lifeline scratch card if you fail to hit it lucky. The who wants to be a millionaire bingo room is open at William Hill from 9,30am until 3am and the games start every 5mins so it’s a great regular for your day (cards are available from a penny up).


Early bird – Another great William hill game for the early riser, tickets start at 5p and prizes range from £5 up to £10, usually due to the time of day it means competition is not as stiff and you can get you self a beter chance of winning.

early brid bingo game

As we said there are a huge number of games out there, what are your favourites’? Drop us a line and let us know which the best bingo games are for you. The volume and types of varying games online really make it one of the most appealing games to play online.