Bingo Calls



In the UK bingo numbers have nicknames which are called in the bingo halls by the announcer to add a more vibrant, enjoyable and energetic feel to the game. We love the idea of bingo lingo and bingo number nicknames. We have collected and sourced out the common ones here into the interactive chart you see below. Many of the bingo numbers have very witty and creative bingo calls associated to them.

Although bingo calls and bingo nicknames originated in the UK version of the game, it has been adopted and is now very much a part of the US game. Some calls differ between the UK and US versions of bingo, but most used are the same or even the US ones (like “Big Daddy” for the bingo call of 75) have been embraced by bingo callers in the UK and Australia.

Scroll Down Click on the Bingo balls, and the Bingo calls announced for that number will be revealed, along with alternatives and the origins of each nickname… so starting clicking, have fun and start learning!

If you need any help with how to use Bingo Number Call Chart check out the instructions below the chart. 







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How to use the Bingo Call Chart

Using the Chart to help you learn the bingo number calls and understand their origins is easy, all you have to do is click on the Numbered Ball you want to know the names and origins of the calls for and the answer will be revealed within an “Answer Box”. You can either then return to the main chart by clicking anywhere outside the “Answer Box” or you can select next or previous within the answer box to move through the number call explanations one by one.