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Nonprofit Bingo Agency, gets new venue

Nonprofit Bingo Agency, Victims, Inc. had been facing a very difficult situation. Having held bingo games every Saturday night since 2004, they have been recently close to being shut down. This is due to the fact that their revenue was Read more…

Bingo to be played on Windows Phone

Bingo is such a great game even Microsoft decided to make a Windows Bingo game. Microsoft Bingo was released earlier this year for Windows 8.1 and is now also available on Windows Phone. The game is done beautifully and is Read more…

Edward Norton featured in Rounders 2
Edward Norton to be featured in Rounders 2

Edward Norton suggests that a possible sequel to the movie Rounders could be filmed. The Hollywood star does not exclude the possibility that poker players’ favorite movie could have a sequel. At the start of this week, the actor Edward Read more…

Evangeline Shelland Bingo
Woman banned from Local Bingo Hall

A 70 year old woman in New Mexico, Evangeline Shelland has been banned from the bingo hall she used to frequent. As a result she has been fighting the decision for more than two years now. Part of the reason Read more… | Tidy Bingo
Tidy Millions at Tidy Bingo

A new car, a yacht, a mansion and a gold plated Jet Ski; those are just some of the things that you could buy if you won the lottery but we all know that chances are pretty slim. Well, Tidy Read more…