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Bingo is a game that’s played daily all around the world. In our worldwide article from last week, we’ve talked about the bingo in Romania, and about how the people of this country prefer the televised bingo contests to any other form of the game. This week, we’ve proposed ourselves to talk about a bigger country: United States.

If you’re used to the United Kingdom type of bingo, and you plan a travel to the United States you should know that across the ocean the game is played differently, and it means something else. The money aspect of bingo is shadowed by the social component, and this is not necessary a bad thing!

Bingo Halls

In United States the bingo halls are way different. The hall can be just a room inside a church annex, or a charity organization, due to the federal regulations. The only state where the bingo game is totally available in Nevada, where the gambling games are different. With all this context, some exceptions from the law are given in some situations, and the Native Americans are allowed to run their own halls. The stakes involved in hall games are generally lower compared to the United Kingdom, unless you play in a Nevada established casino. This reflects the fact that in the United States, bingo has rather a stronger social component, and people don’t play bingo in order to get rich, but to help the people in need.

Online Bingo Websites

The bingo legislation extends to the online environment, so we can’t say that the online bingo is very popular in this country. Of course, everyone is allowed to play online bingo games on Facebook, but these game don’t involve any stakes. Only authorized websites to run bingo games are the casino ones, but it’s clear that they are not as dedicated as the United Kingdom websites.

United States Bingo Tickets

If we talk about the bingo in United States we should note the fact that the bingo tickets are different. US Bingo or 75-Ball  bingo game, is a game based on the completion of a 75 slots ticket with some random numbers printed.  The ticket has 5 columns, each one labeled with one the letters of B I N G O word. After this detail, the game is played just like the UK bingo. Each player to complete a line or a ticket, has to shout LINE or BINGO in order to claim his prize.

As a conclusion we can say that the federal legislation regarding gambling has affected the way that bingo is seen in the United States. Anyway, the game has proved to be consistent enough to continue being a part of the Americans’ life, regardless the lack of legal support.