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Bingo hall owners were ecstatic when UK Chancellor George Osborne decided to reduce the bingo tax from 20% to 10% a few months back. Now, bingo clubs are saying thank you by offering their supporters in the community, as well as in the government, the chance to play free games in a celebration of the resounding victory for the industry.

Clubs within the Bingo Association will be holding what they call “Bingo is Boosted!” parties on Friday, May 16. That organization gathered an impressive 330,000 petition signatures from bingo players all across the UK when they lobbied to lower the tax on bingo revenues.

They claimed that the industry was being taxed at an unfair rate, being that other gambling games usually paid duties around 15%. Furthermore, they noted that bingo didn’t produce profits as high as other games which were taxed at the lower rate.

Well, their persistence paid off, and in the new budget, Osborne slashed the tax in half. With the lower rate, bingo hall owners have promised that they will use the increased profits to revamp their facilities, hire more workers and generally reinvest into their business. Before the announcement, many bingo halls were on the brink of closing up shop, as a ban on smoking had further reduced traffic.

In total, around 50 MPs supported the movement to revamp the tax structure for the industry. In a final push, they, along with hordes of supporters, marched directly up to the Chancellor’s residence on Downing Street on February 26 to deliver the petition. Government supporters even joined in on the fun, making appearances at bingo halls and serving as number callers.