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When you play bingo, you surely want to make the most out of your money. In the past, when only physical locations were available for games, you didn’t have too much of a choice when it came to spending your money wisely, but thanks to online bingo halls opened recently, you can benefit not only from cheap cards at a variety of games, but you can also earn more thanks to bonuses.

Welcome bonuses are the first ones you will encounter when you sign up with an online bingo hall, and Gala Bingo, for example, is one of the places where you can receive the most money after you sign up and complete their requirements. They are not too many and they are designed to form a really flowing process so that you can play and receive the bonus while you do this.

After you create your Gala Bingo account, you have the option to play for free or to deposit some money. There are some rooms with free tickets and real cash prizes, but you have better chances to score a win if you purchase some tickets and then play them for increased wins. In order to do this, you can deposit any amount of money you want in the account, although if you want the £50 welcome bonus, you should aim to add £10 in the account.

After you deposit this money, you need to spend them by purchasing bingo tickets. There are side games available in the bingo hall for when you get bored of the classic bingo options. However, wagering on them won’t count towards the total and you should stick to bingo until you receive the bonus. After you get past the deposit and wagering requirements, you will receive the £50 bonus that you can spend at Gala Bingo.

You don’t even have to play on your computer in order to benefit from the welcome bonus, as Gala Bingo offers support for tablets and smartphones, as well.