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The bingo game has always been a constant in the popular culture of Romania in the last 20 years. Although the bingo halls have never reached a popularity peak in this country, the bingo games organized on national television programs were always successful. Instead of playing bingo games in a hall, the Romanians prefer the slot machines of all kinds. Even though it’s not actually a true bingo game, the national lottery contest is one of the most played gambling games in the country. The online presence of the bingo game in this country is relatively weak, while a huge share of this market is owned by the online poker providers and by sporting bets agencies.

Bingo is a relatively new game in Romania, but this game has managed to become an established popular culture element in this country, especially because the TV bingo programs have always had success with their aggressive marketing campaigns. The age group of the people that play televised bingo is generally consisted by people older than 40 years.

Super Bingo Metropolis is one of the shows that has met a great success on the Romanian marketing. With thousands of players that buy tickets weekly, this show has become the symbol of the bingo game in Romania. Super Bingo Metropolis focuses around the idea of giving significant prizes away, while the viewer and the player are both entertained by the two show hosts. Everyone is encouraged to join this national bingo game, the only requirement being the age limit of 18, and the prizes are more than attractive: cars, houses, thousands of pounds cash prizes, and several jackpots. In order to have a hope for a prize, you have to have to complete your ticket with a line or a bingo combination, and after that you’ll be contacted on the phone by their operators. The tickets can be acquired right from the street vendors that have the brand logo. Each Sunday afternoon, the bingo live show is waiting to pick some winners and change their destinies, because, that’s right: the prizes on this show do have the power to change something in the winners’ lives.

Bingo Romania is another show that has just ended its first season this month. During its first season, this show has given away more than £800.000 to 60.000 of its players. Although the prizes seemed to be significant, this show had its own problems regarding the taxes they had to pay.

The last 20 years presented a lot of bingo activity in Romania, but unlike the United Kingdom situation, the game was played on televised national contests. Meanwhile, the gaming halls are filled up with slots machines, that don’t actually offer electronic bingo games.