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Bingo around the worldThe bingo game has a history of more than six hundred years. The primary bingo game was played in most European countries in a large variety of versions, while the modern bingo game was only invented in the late 20’s. Currently, bingo games are present in most countries of the world. Whether it is played as interactive television bingo, electronic bingo, in bingo halls or online, this only proves the versatility of this game.

Bingo in the United Kingdom

Until 2005, the most popular way to play bingo in the United Kingdom, was in bingo clubs. Things have changed since then, and the players that used to play bingo in halls, have migrated to online bingo in recent years. High taxes and the increasing popularity and accessibility of bingo through the internet have both contributed to this change. It’s also to be noted that in the last years, bingo clubs have offered their customers electronic bingo. The most popular bingo variety seen in the United Kingdom is 90-ball.

Bingo in the United States and Canada

The bingo game is one of the most iconic games played in American casinos. During the last decades, this game has had a huge impact on American popular culture. Today, places like Las Vegas or Reno represent ideal locations for any player that wants to play bingo on a high stakes level. Bingo games have also influenced the Native American population. There is a large variety of Native American-run casinos, especially in Nevada. In Canada, the most popular way to play bingo, is represented by bingo halls using scratch cards.

Bingo in Australia

A popular game like bingo can’t stay away from a country like Australia. Here, like in the United Kingdom, the game is extremely popular online, but bingo halls represent an important percentage of the bingo market as well.

Bingo in Eastern Europe

Bingo halls and online bingo are not extremely developed here, but in the Eastern Europe countries bingo has achieved popularity on the TV screens through national bingo contests and shows. These shows offer all sorts of entertainment as well in order to attract people of all ages.

Bingo in the Arabic countries

Although gambling games are strictly prohibited in most Arabic countries, bingo is played online in those countries. It’s played only for entertainment and educational purposes as bingo can serve by teaching children basic mathematics.

As you can see, bingo is present almost everywhere and it comes in a large variety of forms. No matter where and how you play bingo, the only thing that matters is to enjoy the game everywhere and with everyone you play with.