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Microsoft Bingo - Windows Phone

Bingo is such a great game even Microsoft decided to make a Windows Bingo game. Microsoft Bingo was released earlier this year for Windows 8.1 and is now also available on Windows Phone. The game is done beautifully and is created around a travel theme. Thus you will be able to visit all sorts of places and enjoy landscapes of the Great Barrier Reef or cities such as Tokyo and Paris. As you play, you are rewarded with Flight Points which you can use to discover beautiful new locations. Each of the places will also give you special badges, awards and other awesome rewards. Windows Bingo is a really fun game, and it offers you a ever-increasing collection of rewards as you play it.

Another aspect of the fun is joining the only community. You can win all sorts of prizes such as Power Bingos and Power Cards, as well as place bets. You will also win special awards if you help the community in reaching weekly and monthly goals.

Another type of prizes that you can win is a Luggage prize. There is a surprise in each of the pieces of luggage that you can unlock when you make a successful bet on a Power Card. Try out Microsoft Bingo on Windows 8.1, and then if you like it, you might as well download it on your Windows Phone.

Microsoft Bingo is a fantastic bingo game, just like the one you can play in bingo halls worldwide. Another one of its great features is represented by its unlockable achievements. Whilst you can unlock them simply through normally playing the games, you can also take a more efficient way. You can first play until you reach 1000 coins and then using the money to buy keys and unlock awesome special rewards. This is the most fun part of the game and you will most likely spend considerable time doing this.

There are also other random achievements that you can unlock if you play for long enough. You should also know that in order to unlock these achievements it is important that you are very good at managing your resources. There are four main resources: tickets, coins, keys and powerups and you should manage them properly and save the rarest of them for later use.

All in all, Microsoft Bingo is a great game and you will have a really good time playing it.