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Online bingo big winner

A few weeks ago, one of the UK’s top bingo platforms put up a crazy offer. The winner would go to a first-class all-inclusive voyage to the mysterious Caribbean Sea. The lucky one would have the opportunity to join first class Cocktail parties, and live a dream week around bingo players. Also, the lucky winner would get to play in a live bingo tournament and possibly win prizes of up to $100.000.

Mary, 29, from New York was the lucky winner of the amazing trip. She works as a waitress in a restaurant, and she could never afford such a luxurious journey. The competition gathered around 3000 bingo players in only a few days.

When she got on board she was treated like a first class guest, having all the meals and passes to all the events she wanted ensured by the bingo platform.

We talked to the winner and asked her about the secret of her success. She said that the secret is to never give up. She had never won anything on a bingo game even though she had been playing for a year, but says that the prize was worth the time spent in front of the computer. She also believes that if you believe in something, you will get there, and all you have to do is never lose hope.

When asked if she made any friends she said that she did, and she will try to keep in contact with all of them. She then blushed and said she even has a date arranged with a bingo player that lives in California. She said he will come visit her by the end of July and she`s ecstatic about that.

There are few bingo platforms that organize this kind of promotions. Instead of money you get to go to an amazing trip or win a brand new car. Most of the winners say that the game changed their life forever. They got the chance to travel in places they could never afford. Also, they get the chance to meet real bingo players and make new friends from across the world.

If you have no plans for holiday this summer maybe you should consider starting an online bingo career. You will get a pleasant and competitive way to spend your time, you will make friends and you will win plenty of experience, and who knows? Maybe you`ll be the lucky winner of an amazing trip or money to move into your dream house? One thing is certain: when it comes to the bingo game, most of players say that there is nothing to lose. You don`t have to make big deposits to enjoy the game.