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Category: News

Worldwide Bingo: Australia

Have you ever wondered how is like to play bingo Down Under? Well, if you’re already used to United Kingdom atmosphere, the things are not too different, as Australia is one of the countries with the highest popularity for the game. A small fun fact is that the Australians tend to refer to the bingo..

Online bingo is good for you – play & win !

A few weeks ago, one of the UK’s top bingo platforms put up a crazy offer. The winner would go to a first-class all-inclusive voyage to the mysterious Caribbean Sea. The lucky one would have the opportunity to join first class Cocktail parties, and live a dream week around bingo players. Also, the lucky winner..

The New Face of Bingo

  If your idea of bingo is a bunch of old people gathering around a large hall being all eyes and ears to the numbers on their card and hoping to win, your mind is definitely not in 2015! Nowadays, televisions are broadcasting a large variety of shows based on the idea of bingo all..

Worldwide Bingo: United States

          Bingo is a game that’s played daily all around the world. In our worldwide article from last week, we’ve talked about the bingo in Romania, and about how the people of this country prefer the televised bingo contests to any other form of the game. This week, we’ve proposed ourselves..

Bingo around the World: Romania

  The bingo game has always been a constant in the popular culture of Romania in the last 20 years. Although the bingo halls have never reached a popularity peak in this country, the bingo games organized on national television programs were always successful. Instead of playing bingo games in a hall, the Romanians prefer..

Bingo around the Globe

The bingo game has a history of more than six hundred years. The primary bingo game was played in most European countries in a large variety of versions, while the modern bingo game was only invented in the late 20’s. Currently, bingo games are present in most countries of the world. Whether it is played..