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Online Bingo: Win Real Money

Real money bingo is a very popular hobby both in the UK and US as well as across the rest of the world. Virtually everyone is playing bingo to win real money along with a host of other prizes that bingo sites offer to entice players.

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Playing bingo to win real money on the Internet is safe and secure. All of the online bingo halls that reviews are trusted and secured with proper transactions that hide your personal information and offer SSL encryption to keep you safe. We will never advertise or review a site that is not safe to play real money bingo at. Some online bingo halls offer real money only, while most sites offer real money bingo with play money bingo (where you are not actually betting real money, but rather playing with demo credits).  Some players choose to not play for real money and they tend to be those who are just interested in trying out their software or maybe just don’t have any money at the time, but are passionate about bingo. This is actually one of the best ways to experiment with different bingo software and casinos, without having to spend any money, but it is not the only way you can play for free. You might be surprised to know that 75% of online bingo sites offer free no deposit bonuses. With these no deposit bingo bonus offers you can play real money bingo for free, with no risk at all.

It’s also crucial to know that almost all bingo sites offer bingo promotions to those who are playing bingo to win real money. These will help boost your bankroll and let you play for longer or offer jackpot prizes.

In terms of no deposit bingo, you are probably wondering how they could ever give away free real bingo money to every player. Well, a couple of online bingo halls started offering the promotion, and others simply followed suit, due to the huge popularity of giving their customers not only a taste for the game before they would need to invest any money, but also a taste of the prizes on offer. They believe once you try their bingo site with real money that you will continue to play and win real money bingo with them when you are ready to make a deposit. Today, almost all real money bingo sites offer either no deposit bingo or a wide array of different bonus offers, which allow you to maximize your player account before buying bingo tickets.

real money bingoHow To Win Real Money At Online Bingo

Everyone wants to win real money when playing online Bingo, after all, isn’t that why we play? Generally, the bigger the prize the better! Unfortunately, other than the lively chat and bravado between players, there is nothing fun about losing ;). So, therefore, we have written an article on how to win real money when playing bingo games online. Remember that bingo is a game of chance, so the strategies to win at bingo are minimal. Regardless, let’s go over the best ways to increase your chances of winning lots of real money at bingo.

Know the Rules and the Type of Bingo you are playing

One of the most obvious tips that many new players forget is really simple. Before you start playing a game of bingo for real money and to win real money it’s important that you understand the game and the software you are using. This will mean you know what to expect of the game and don’t make any mistakes through either misunderstanding the game instructions, controls or rules. You can find out more about the different types of bingo right here.

Think About What You Want From Your Real Money Bingo Game

Each game of online bingo is different and some may offer niches. Each game and site will be designed to attract different types of players so it’s quite important to know if you are a regular player or just looking for a bit of occasional fun. It’s much better to find a site that best reflects your interests, as you’ll find like-minded players and the right type of winning odds for your goals and style of play. This includes choosing whether you want to play for big jackpots or not. Winning real money bingo with big jackpots tends to be a little harder, as they attract a bigger number of players and therefore more competitors lowering a player’s odds of winning.

Costs Versus Payouts

Always compare the cost of your bingo cards to the potential payout if your numbers come up. Often players forget to factor this into their win calculations for real money bingo and it can be a rookie mistake. Thinking about the cost of cards and their payouts can help guide you in how many cards to buy, too many (which is often recommended as a winning strategy) and it may negate the point of playing and winning due to the high cost of the cards. Keep in mind a reward to risk ratio when you are considering how to play bingo for money.

Play Smart: go off-peak

A great and simple way to increase your chances of winning real money at bingo is to minimize the number of players in any game. If there are fewer players in any given game, then the chances of you winning are instantly higher. The best way to do this is to play at quieter times of the day such as when people are a work, or in the earlier hours of the morning.

The problem with this, however, is that it works both ways. That means that even though it is easier to win bingo when there are fewer players there is usually a smaller prize pool as well, because there are fewer reasons for the bingo hall to create large prizes at off-peak times of the day. If you don’t mind that and just want to win, small games are your cup of tea. Just check our online bingo reviews to see which ones offer small real money bingo games.

Win Real Money Bingo by Increasing the Amount of Cards You Play per Game

Another way to win real money bingo more easily is to choose weak bingo games. This is key, because you don’t always need to avoid the big jackpot bingo games, sometimes it is all about the number of cards per player. A weak bingo game is one with many players, a large jackpot, and few cards per player. Sometimes you will find yourself at a real money bingo site online, and after playing a round or two you notice everyone just buys one or two cards. For smart and savvy bingo players, this is an opportunity to take advantage of.

Depending on the site, you can buy the max number of tickets per game. This will give you an advantage numerically. For instance, if the max cards is 10 and there are 30 players each with 2 tickets, and you have 10, it means you have a 5x better chance to win then anyone else in the game. It really does pay in online bingo to be attentive to what the other players in your game are doing.

Pick Your Cards with Care

Some online bingo sites will allow you to pick your own cards or strips. It’s better to pick cards where the numbers are quite spread out. Don’t pick cards where all the numbers are either low or high.  For example, if you are playing 90 ball bingo we advise you pick a card that has a range of numbers from 1-90 as this will give you the best chance of winning due to the random number generator that online bingo uses. On top of this, bingo statisticians have also pointed out that you should pick a good mix of odd and even numbers and numbers with different endings. Basically, the best rule of thumb for bingo is to mix those numbers up as much as possible.

Quit Whilst You are Ahead

When gambling to win real money bingo (and in fact any game that requires a wager) it is always important to know your limits and when to stop. Whether you are winning or losing you can always put your game down and play again another day. Good bingo players set themselves limits and gamble safely. This allows them to play over time and increases the chance of winning as you play in a sustainable, safe and enjoyable way.

All licensed bingo games are tested for fairness and have to comply with strict regulations, therefore you must always play at a safe site. The easy way to find one is to check our real money recommended bingo sites. All our reviews are carried out by our editors who are bingo experts and include many factors in their recommendations such as bonuses offered, ease of use, reputation, chat facilities, reliability, payment options, support, customer feedback and other reviews.

Never forget bingo is essentially a game of chance and as such there are not many strategic tips that can be given to help players win real money bingo, but our guide of practical tips will help get you started and the wins rolling in. Hopefully, you’ll now be able to apply some of these tips of how to win at bingo at your real money bingo games the next time you play online or off.