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Month: July 2011

Play Bingo Games

The internet is full to the brim with different games and activities that people of all ages and backgrounds can partake in. In fact, the internet is the primary source of entertainment for a massive number of people in today’s times. These people tend to spend many hours chatting with friends, blogging, and playing bingo..

Best Bingo Deals

Best Bingo Deals Finding the best bingo deals does not have to be difficult. Rather, with just a bit of research, anyone can compare bingo websites and find the plethora of deals out there. There are all sorts of deals to look for, when trying to find the best bingo sites. First off, one deal..

Mac Bingo Sites

Mac Bingo Sites For Mac users, the world of bingo can be fun and exciting. These computer users have a computer that is truly designed for fast paced transactions and games. It can be a great idea for any Mac user to find bingo sites that are compatible with his or her system. Finding these..

Bingo Tips and Strategies

Bingo Tips and Strategies   Bingo might be a game of luck but it always helps to come up with some basic tips and strategies. They say it is never advisable to put your fate on chance. However, it always helps to come up with some basic bingo strategies of your own. So take note..

Pattern Bingo

Pattern Bingo Online bingo is a great way of enjoying bingo action without leaving the comfort of your own home. Pattern bingo can be found both online and in live bingo halls, but on the net the options available are pretty much unlimited. In pattern bingo the goal is to create particular patterns on the..

History Of Bingo

History Of Bingo The term bingo originated from a game called “beano”. Beano was invented in the United States of America. It was a county fair game consisting of numbered discs pulled out of a cigar box by the “dealer”. The reason it was called “beano” is because the players would mark numbers off of..