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The popularity of Bingo in the UK especially, online bingo sites, has been on a steady rise since the turn of the century. The introduction of UK online Bingo probably had something to do with this fact, making the game even more accessible to UK Bingo fans. It is interesting to note, however, that in 2004, more people in the UK attended Bingo games both live and at UK Online Bingo Sites than football matches. UK Bingo and playing at UK Bingo Sites is not the same as American Bingo.

In America, a Bingo card consists of 15 numbers in rows and columns of 5. In the UK, Bingo tickets consist of 15 numbers randomly arranged in 17 boxes – 3 rows across and 9 columns down. There are 5 numbers in each row, totalling 15 per UK Bingo ticket. The first column of 3 contains numbers 1-9; the second column 10-19, and so on until the 9th column of 80-90. In New Zealand and Australia, this UK Bingo game goes by the name of ‘Housie’. UK Online Bingo is commonly referred to as ’90-Ball Bingo’.

UK best bingo sites

Most UK Bingo Sites have 90 Ball Bingo. In the traditional UK Bingo game, a Bingo Caller reveals the numbers as players mark off their tickets to create a winning combination. It is the Bingo Callers job to not only call the numbers, but to verify winning tickets. This job is of course computerized and automated for UK Online Bingo games, ensuring randomly generated results.

The UK is home to some of the best online bingo sites around due to its immense popularity among UK players.

There are many different UK bingo sites online that offer a wide variety of bonuses and incentives to new players from the UK. When you play UK bingo, you want to make sure you are maximizing your first bingo bonus so we have listed the best UK online bingo sites below that offer both sign-up and free bonuses to new players.

Play Methods

UK Online Bingo, which can be played on UK Bingo Sites, has three ways to win – 1 Line, 2 Lines and Full House. When a single line has all 5 depicted numbers covered, the first winner is chosen. The UK Online Bingo game then continues until a player has covered two lines of numbers, announcing a second winner. The game continues again until a Full House is awarded, going to the first player who covers all 15 numbers on the Bingo ticket.

Some UK Online bingo games play only the Full House version, much like the UK’s National Bingo Game, which began in June of 1986. Every single night, (except for Christmas), approximately 500 UK licensed Bingo Clubs and UK Bingo Sites link together via computer (on UK Online Bingo Sites), called a ‘multiple Bingo’ game, where player’s participate in the nation wide Bingo event. According to UK law, a maximum of 3 Bingo games may be played per night in ‘multiple bingo’ fashion.

The highest record payout during the UK National Bingo Game was £950,000. Bingo and Online Bingo in the UK is so popular; the nation actually started a ‘UK Caller of the Year’ competition, where Bingo Callers compete for the prestigious award and generous cash prizes. The winner is title Bingo Ambassador for Britain and given a chance to call Bingo numbers in Las Vegas. Brett Hyrjak of Bognor Regis currently holds the title.Here’s a few more fun facts regarding UK Bingo and UK Bingo Sites:

  1. The average UK Bingo Caller announces 23 numbers every minute.
  2. The average UK Bingo game lasts between 4 and 4-1/2 minutes.
  3. The average time to check a winning UK Bingo ticket is 30 seconds.
  4. The UK is currently home to 699 licensed and operational Bingo Clubs.
  5. Within these 699 Bingo Clubs, more than 3 million people play Bingo in the UK on a regular basis.
  6. The first Bingo Hall in the UK built solely for the purpose of playing Bingo was Castle Leisure Bingo Hall in Canton, Cardiff, built in 1856.
  7. 60% of people who play UK Bingo are also smokers.

A common deposit method for people playing bingo online in the UK is Paypal. has a guide to the best Paypal Bingo sites online. If you are from the US and looking to play bingo online, visit our US Bingo Sites page which will help you find the top online bingo sites to play at!