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TidyBingo is a fresh, yet promising online bingo website. Even though it was founded only two years ago, it has quickly become one of the top bingo websites. Some of the main strengths of the website are, its excellent, easy to use interface, along with its constantly impressive offers. It is the 11th website that went live on the 15 Network. Naturally, some of the things that gamblers remember about them are their extravagance when it comes to picking colors and the fact that they keep their game clean.

TidyBingo has various types of bingo games and the website is full of offers. You can see the opinions of other players under the “Winners” section, where previous players write about the experiences they had and the rewards they had received.

Games & Bonuses:

Tidy bingo jackpots

There are plenty of offers on TidyBingo that quickly get your attention when you first try the website. For example if you register today you get a 200% first deposit bonus, and you get a chance to spin the wheel, where you can win at least 5 pounds, or, if you are lucky enough, you can win the 2500 pounds jackpot. So what do you think? Are you feeling lucky?

The website also has an offer for regular players. For every deposit, from the first to the most recent that is at least 10 pounds, a player can ask for a cash match bonus. On their website you can get a minimum of 25% of the sum for 10 pounds, within a limit of 200 pounds.

TidyBingo also offers a First time Freebie for newcomers. If you register and make a deposit that is worth more than 10 pounds, you automatically register for the wheel where you can win a prize that is published on the website each month. For example, in February, you can win an Instant Cappuccino maker.

75 Ball Pattern Bingo

There are many different patterns used in our 75-ball rooms, each of which will have and the different patterns mean a varying number of calls required to win the game. At the top of your bingo screen the pattern that is being played will be displayed and the first player to match the pattern will be the winner.

Each of the 75-ball boards are the same; each are a 5 x 5 grid with the centre square being a free square. This means that for a coverall game the least number of calls required is 24.



The website is very simple to understand and you do not have to download any application to use it. Additionally the website practices a no-ad policy, not displaying any ad to disturb you while gaming. The interface is as simple as it could possibly be.


Mobile Bingo App










Even though they do not yet have a mobile application, you can still access the website from any smartphone. The fact that they are still new to the market is likely the reason that the mobile portal has not yet been developed. Nevertheless, it is expected that they will soon deliver on this as well.


Payment methods:

Tidy Bingo Payment Options


Although it is a relatively new website, it does offer various payment methods. You can make a deposit via Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, Solo or Switch. You can choose any form of payment and get started! Don`t forget that there are also exclusive advantages for new players.


Player security is one of the top priorities of the TidyBingo team! As you have probably read before, a clean game and top-notch security level are some of their main qualities. The site requires personal data because of the online gambling laws the website must respect. However, the website will not divulge any personal data about any user.

Also, the team is working hard to make sure that no cyber-attacks or vulnerabilities can possibly affect the website and the software. There has been no report of virus activity to have harmed the system. All transactions and transaction-related data is encrypted and double-checked by both website and payment processors to ensure complete safety and security of user data.


Tidy Bingo Registration

The registration process is very simple and accessible. The website interface is simple and clean, and you can easily find the “Register” button. To register on their website you have to be at least 18 years old, a legal adult in most jurisdictions and countries.

Customer Support:

TidyBingo is very good when it comes to communicating with their customers. On the website you can find answers under the “Help” section, where they have posted the most frequently asked questions. Also, if you have any other question you can ask them via e-mail or phone. These can easily be found under the “Contact Us” section or email them directly on support@tidybingo.com

Loyalty program:

As any other bingo site that pays attention to its customers, TidyBingo has many offers for regular players. It offers a VIP scheme and you can get rewards according to your current rank. Another great thing about being a VIP is that you get to play additional free games. There is also a special room for customers that have gained the VIP rank and made a deposit within the last 7 days.

Our recommendation

We believe that TidyBingo is a very promising website. The spinning wheel that can be used after you make a deposit is a very attractive feature, and there are a variety of games you can check out. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started today. The one thing that we can guarantee is that there are loads of interesting offers and that you’ll never get bored.

User Reviews:


Best Games

Tidybingo always offered the very best online bingo games and jackpots

Deposit Bonus

Their great deposit bonus often and this is very good for my friends

Tidy Bingo

They have an asy going and secure registration

Tidy Bingo
Tidy all year round

Endless amounts of bingo games, jackpots and so much more. It’s always a good time to play at Tidy

Tidy Bingo

I always benefit from their deals and offers, whenever I play, no easy wins, but that’s bingo!

Always Winning

My wife loves playing Tidybingo, but she doesn’t seem to win everytime, I hope!

Good stuff

TidyBingo has a very secure payment system and I have been using Tidy’s online services for quite a while now





























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