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About the Brand:

Cyber Bingo has been around the net since the 90s, but it did not make its appearance in the UK until recently.  After being able to successfully operate in the USA the site decided to extend its clientele and welcome avid Bingo players from different parts of the world.

The site is extremely easy to navigate. Everything is pretty straight forward and the FAQs and terms of service describe important information that all new players need to read to ensure that they keep in compliance with the rules set forth by the site.

Chat rooms are extremely active on Cyber Bingo, which shows that all of the active players keep in contact amongst one another and are truly there to lend a helping hand to those who may be new to the world of Bingo or simply new to the site.

Prizes are calculated by the amount of players that are avidly playing in a game room at a given time period. There are several different games that you can choose to participate in while visiting Cyber bingo. The games range between 90 ball Bingo, 75 balls Bingo which is more apparent in the US, online poker, online casino game play and slots.

Games & Bonuses: 

Cyber Bingo also offers bonus options for any new players that are interested in joining the large array of games offered by the site. After signing up for a new account your Bingo account will be credited with a $50 trial bonus.

You are also eligible for a deposit bonus, upon submitting your first initial deposit on the site. The deposit bonus is a 500% match bonus which is based off of the amount that you deposit into your account at that particular time. Who can knock down, a game that gives you free money for participating in it?

Cyber Bingo offers a plethora of different ongoing promotions for avid Bingo players as well. On Saturday nights you can commence in playing in games that guarantee winnings of $1000 every single hour from the times of 8pm-midnight.

There are Bingo tournaments that Cyber Bingo offers as well as casino tournaments. Go ahead, and try your luck at Cyber Bingo you will not be disappointed.

 Software used:

CyberBingo uses the latest Adobe Flash technology for its games. In order to play, make sure to have an Internet connection of 56K or better and a common browser isntalled, like Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome.


Payment Methods:

Cyberbingo accepts most credit cards, which can be used both in the EU and in the US, such as, VISA, MasterCard, American Express.

Our recommendation:

The brand has been chosen by as one of the best US Bingo brands for the past years, since it offers all US bingo players great cash prizes and an overall play time experience.
We definitely recommend Cyberbingo to all our players, so go ahead PLAY and WIN today

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