Posh Bingo Updates

Here we have collected all the news updates about Bingo Hall along the years.

(19/11/2014) Get Started Today with Posh Bingo!
Posh Bingo | Welcome Bonus

Posh Bingo is currently offering some of the best bonuses for new players on the market. First of all, with so many bingo rooms out there, why should you join Posh? Well, the answer is rather simple: Besides the amazing 250% welcome bonus on your first deposit and 50% on your subsequent deposits! That means that every time you deposit another £100 you will get £150 instead. Besides these great promos you can also take advantage of daily freebies, 90 ball and 75 ball bingo and huge jackpots. You can have a ton of fun, either playing for free or by upping the stakes with 24/7, 5 tab Bingo at “The Spa”.

Are you a social person that is always nice to have around? Are you the life of the party and the soul of your workplace? Posh Bingo has just the thing for you: Join the “Chatterbox” room and you will never have to play alone again. A 24/7 open salon, the Chatterbox is 5p tab, always ready for all players. Are you a morning person or just someone that’s up all night until the sun comes up? Then we have a special bonus promo for you. The Early Bird Special cuts costs by 500%, making all games 1p. Get up early and play almost for free.

If that’s still not enough to convince you to join, then perhaps the next promo will. For 1p you can win £50 every hour from 11am to 2am!

Posh Bingo is a special Bingo room, for the classy and posh types, who play Bingo not just for the thrill of the games and anticipation, but also for the burlesque interactions between players in fancy salons. It is a platform that offers everyone an incentive to join and have fun. Whether you are a chatterbox type of person that can’t wait to socialise when you get online, or perhaps a more introverted person who just plays for the thrill of the games, Posh Bingo is exactly what you’re looking for. Huge bonuses, amazing features and an endless choice of rooms, suited to everyone’s personalities have made Posh Bingo into one of the most popular Bingo rooms today. Notable features are its amazing welcome bonus and 50% bonus on all deposits and freebies that guarantee everyone will have a great time, regardless of the size of their wallets.

(02/10/2014) Be a team player at Posh Bingo

Posh Bingo is a great place to play and enjoy the game of bingo and there are plenty of variations you can engage into if you want a great experience. You name it and they have it. Moreover, there are also side games featured in here so you can easily find something else to do while your favorite bingo room opens in the evening or in the morning.

Thankfully, there are a lot of opportunities in here and what is even better is that promotions are also part of Posh Bingo, so you can always find a new opportunity to win more than usually. Probably the best way to win when you play some games is to do it as part of a team and Posh Bingo features the Posh Team competition where you will be able to win more than usually.

You become part of a team and the more you play, the more you earn – it’s as simple as that. Bingo is a great game for both newcomers and seasoned players and combining the thrill of bingo with teamwork gives you a great chance to make some friends. After you opt into this promotion, you are randomly assigned to a team and you will be switched into another one after two weeks.

After you become part of a bingo team, you will have to play as much as possible in order to bring points to your team. There is also a catch – there are no ties in this competition. If there is the case of a tie at the end of the two weeks interval, then the winning team will be the one who did the most bingoes on the “letter P” pattern.

The first team will win 85,000 bonus points, while the runners up will get 60,000 points, which is still a big amount of money. Both 90-ball and 75-ball bingo games are available for the competition so you can choose your favorite with ease.

(18/11/2013) PoshBingo Hits the Spot on your best Bingo site


At Bingo.org it’s our job to search high and low for the best online game rooms and find the rooms that give you the best play value and the most exciting gaming experience. With that in mind it’s a great week to look at our PoshBingo room and take advantage of their brilliant promotions. Whether you are new to the site, or new to bingo, you can go into the room and be with friendly moderators and other players and have a great evening playing online bingo and having fun. It’s a great place to start if you want to launch your life in a great atmosphere.

If you are new to the room there is one promotion that you need to take full advantage of the whopping 250% welcome bonus for new players. You can deposit up to 100 GBP which would boost your funds before you even brought a card and get your game off to a great start, plus, you get a fabulous 50% re-deposit bonus on every subsequent deposit you make between £10 – £100.

One of the great things about Poshbingo if you are new to the site, or new to the game, is the team spirit. When you first join you are randomly put in a team and earn points together to go towards the team challenges, but to mix things up a bit every two weeks the teams are all changed. Not only does this help you to make more friends, but it also gives everyone a fair chance of pairing up with a winning dream bingo team, whether you are on the side of the gods or goddesses. All you have to do is play bingo as many times as you can in the two weeks and the winning dream bingo team will be the one that bingo’s the most at the end of the two week period.

If you’re in a rush then why not try a quick game of speed Bingo? PoshBingo caters for all people and their lifestyles It’s bingo at break-neck speed so you can bingo on the go. There’s a max of 4 daubs per game! Daily play tackIes place btw 7.30-11.30am. What are you waiting for? Go at Posh MPH and dash for the cash in a flash! Whatever you do, spend an evening with PoshBingo in your favorite online bingo site, Bingo.org.