Patrick Duffy to Host New Bingo Television Game Show

A brand new television game show featuring the ever popular game of bingo is set to launch on the Game Show Network (GSN) later next month.

Patrick Duffy (Step by Step) will be hosting the new bingo themed television game show. The show, titled Bingo America will combine both a quiz element and a bingo game. Contestants will be given the opportunity to answer trivia type questions to obtain bingo letters/numbers.

Cash prizes, as well as prizes form game show sponsors will be awarded both to the on air contestants, and to players playing the game from home.

To play Bingo America from your own living room while watching the show, bingo players can visit the GSN.Com website everyday and download up to 10 bingo. Then the at-home bingo players will be able to play along with the show by marking off numbers on their GSN bingo cards. During the shows final bingo round, the Bonus Game. If viewers match the bonus numbers on one of the 10 bingo cards they’ve downloaded from the GSN site they will instantly win cash or prizes.

Bingo players will also be able to receive text messages with additional bonus numbers, viewers are invited to sign up for text message bingo numbers on the GSN site.

Bingo America is brought to us by Andrew Glassman who also created and produced ABC’s bingo show “National Bingo Night”. The show will premiere on the 31st of March, and will be on every week night at 7PM. Reruns of Bingo America will be shown on GSN every Saturday and Sunday. Each episode of Bingo America will last about 40 minutes long.

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