New Parlay 5 Bingo Software Launched

Parlay Entertainment has launched new bingo software that is sure to make visits to online bingo sites that much more entertaining and convenient.

Unveiled at the Third Annual Online Bingo Summit in London, the Parlay 5 software takes bingo gaming to the next generation, with superb features, enticing graphics and everything to make the integration of a bingo system as simple and painless as possible for bingo site operators.

One of the main focuses of Parlay Entertainment’s software team is to make the new platform as universal-friendly as possible. As a result, there are many multi currency and multi language options through Parlay 5 that were not available in previous software versions.

“The foundation of Parlay 5 is our enhanced internationalisation features,” said Perry Malone, Chief Technology Officer for Parlay Entertainment. “Clearly there is strong demand for software that simplifies the process of configuring bingo games, jackpots and chat rooms using multiple languages and currencies.”

Parlay Entertainment’s creative team realized, however, that with so many great online bingo sites on the internet, companies should have the option of making their own sites as individual as possible. As such, the new software also allows bingo sites to customize their brands and create sites that are more unique and attractive to their clients.

“In this competitive environment, we know online bingo sites must be able to differentiate themselves from each other more than ever before,” says Malone. “Parlay 5 is revolutionary because it makes it easy for sites to develop a unique personality that is miles apart from the competition.”