Neteller Rebrand Brings More Choice to Bingo Players

Online bingo players will be pleased to note that Neteller is rebranding in order to offer the gaming world better payment opportunities.

Neteller, which was once the major internet payment processor and the firm favorite among online bingo and casino players, went through several turbulent years following the introduction of anti-online gambling laws in the United States in 2006.  At one time, Neteller was forced to freeze all the accounts of its US players as it reached a payment deal with the US Department of Justice which accused the company of money laundering and operating ‘illegal services’ to the online gambling industry.

Neteller’s decision to rebrand and change its name to NEOVIA Financial Plc. has been cheered by industry analysts who believe that this strategy is vital for the future of the company.

This week, Neteller shareholders approved the new identity and in a statement released shortly afterwards, the Group’s President said: “We are delighted that shareholders have demonstrated their support of our strategic vision through this change of name of the company.”

Bingo players will be able to enjoy a wide range of new products that Neteller plans to, or has already, released. These include a range of pre-paid credit cards for some of the most convenient payment methods available at bingo sites today.