More Men Heading to Online Bingo Sites

If you thought that bingo was a gals-only pastime – think again! A popular Swedish online casino shows that a growing number of men are signing up for its site, with numbers reaching up to 40% of its subscribers., one of the most popular online bingo sites in Europe, and certainly among Scandinavian players, said that it has noticed a sharp increase in the number of men showing interest in bingo as a regular gambling pastime.

The site said that it was feeling that the sharp line that traditionally divided bingo games into the ‘women’s section’ and poker and other online casino games into the ‘men’s section’, was slowly becoming fuzzy. More and more men were crossing that line quite willingly, especially after recognizing the fun there is to be had playing bingo games and taking advantage of a lucrative bingo bonus or two!

“Right now, approximately 40% of the players here at are men,” said Borje Hansson of “We think that online bingo can and should be enjoyed by both men and women and our experience is that men are often enticed by the fast games and progressive jackpots. The relaxed atmosphere in our bingo chatrooms also seem to attract more and more men, probably because it’s very different from what they are used to in their preferred poker rooms.”

Another reason why may be attracting men is that its marketing is not only targeting the female demographics of the industry. The neutral coloring of site goes a long way in ensuring that men feel comfortable playing there as well.