Majestic Bingo Win

At South Shields Bingo Hall located in Denmark Centre a retired man and his wife that have played the National Bingo game “every night for many years”, literally jumped for joy after winning the UK’s National Bingo game at the Majestic Club. It was a heart warming moment for UK Bingo players, the great grandpa and great grandpa won the house prize of £120 by completing the full house pattern on their bingo cards within 45 numbers.

They were happy with that result, in fact they were on their way out the door for the evening when they learned that out of 470 bingo clubs in the nation that participate in the national bingo game, the lowest call came from the two great grandparents at the Majestic. The winners of the £40,000 had no idea, they were on their way out of the club.

“We were already walking out the club when it was announced how much I had won. I was stunned. When we realized, we were both so pleased we started jumping about.” The winners chose not to release their names to the press, but did share with reporters that they have been playing National Bingo “Every night for many years”. This is reportedly the couples first major bingo jackpot win. Granddad has 4 children, 4 grand children, and three great grand children. Plans to spend the money: Grandma is going on vacation! The bingo jackpot winners plan to spend a holiday abroad.

The Majestic Club also hosted a bingo game in April of 2007 that paid off a big bingo jackpot, one of the players at that Majestic bingo game won the £100,000 national jackpot.

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