Gran Grabs £1million Bingo Win

A 64 year old grandmother who hails from Basildon, went into a state of shock last weekend when she won over £1 million on a National Bingo Game jackpot.

The player, who wishes to keep her name out of the media for now, is still undecided about what she will do with her big win and is still trying to get her mind around her great fortune.

The action began at the Gala Bingo club in Southerhay, Basildon, where the player has been a regular member for quite some time now.  The grandmother of three was trying her luck, along with her fellow players, on the National Bingo  Game’s Platinum Jackpot playoffs on Sunday evening – a game that is shared by bingo halls across the country.

Another player at the bingo hall said that when the woman understood that she had won over £1million, she seemed to go into a state of shock. “You could see she was literally shaking in disbelief after they told her she’d won,” said the player.

Breaking the news to the woman’s husband about the win caused even more drama. According to the lucky winner, she needed to decide how exactly he should be told.  “I telephoned my husband after the win and said, ‘I have won an awful lot of money, You had better come down now,’” she said. “Then I put the phone down so he couldn’t ask how much and I burst into tears. I asked the member of staff, who waited for him, to break the news very gently because of his heart condition.”

When asked how she was feeling after the win, the player said: “I am still trying to get my head round it and it just won’t sink in. I’ve never been a lucky person, only winning £10 or £20 in the past. Nothing big ever!”

Other players at the Gala Bingo hall were thrilled with the million pound gran, even giving her a standing ovation when news of her good fortune spread around the club.  The assistant manager at the bingo hall, Bob Sidlow said: “It was marvellous to see so much goodwill for her.”