Gala Bingo Launches Live Bingo TV

Gala Bingo has combined the convenience of the internet and the excitement of live bingo action to bring players the ultimate experience through its new online TV Bingo club room.

Gala Bingo realized that many online bingo players might sometimes miss the comradeship of sitting around a bingo hall, waiting for the caller to call the numbers and daubing the numbers by hand. As a result, the site – one of the most popular bingo sites in the industry – decided to launch its live, interactive bingo TV.

Essentially, players access the bingo TV through Gala Bingo’s website. They purchase their tickets in the same way as they would typical online bingo games. However, that is where the similarity ends.

Players play alongside other Gala bingo TV viewers, listen to the caller and daub off their numbers. The good thing is that even if they miss out on any numbers being called, they will be automatically informed if they win a game.

The new Bingo TV room is operated every day between 6 pm. and 2 am., allowing players to enjoy live bingo action from their own living rooms every single evening, without the need to even move a meter from their homes. Live bingo action certainly doesn’t get more convenient than that!

Gala Bingo recently ran a promotion that awarded seven lucky players the chance to become “famous” through its bingo TV channel. The site named the games in the bingo session after the player and presented him or her with a DVD recording of the session when it was over. And as an added, bonus, the players were also awarded 250 Pounds to enjoy many more hours of pure bingo entertainment.