ASA Bans Bingo Ad

The Advertising Standards Authority called for the removal of a Camelot bingo stratchcard ad that portrayed the bingo industry as “dying”.

The drama began with the UK Bingo Association – a body that represents the land-based bingo industry - lodged a formal complaint with the ASA over the fact that the Camelot National Lottery advertisement was mocking in nature and implied that the land-based bingo industry was “dying”.

The advertisement in question portrays an old woman teetering around on her mobility scooter down a deserted road, driving past a bingo hall that is clearly padlocked and deserted. The scene then swings to the same women, driving a new scooter down a beach side road, wearing jewelry and obviously having a good time.

In their complaint, the Bingo Association said that the ad was misleading and “denigratory”, playing on the struggling situation that the bingo industry finds itself it.  While bingo halls would love to remain open and not face closure, many have been left with no choice because of a number of reasons.

Firstly, tough new government restrictions mean that bingo halls are faced with a double taxation policy, a limit to the number of high revenue jackpot machines they may have, and a no smoking ban. As a result, more and more bingo lovers are taking their fun to online bingo sites, where they benefit from exciting bingo games and bingo bonuses.

ASA ruled that the ad was indeed inappopriate and ordered its removal from he media. “We also considered that those images implied that bingo clubs in general were closing down and the industry was dying,” said the ASA. “We concluded that the ad was misleading and denigrated the bingo industry.”