New Face of Bingo: Rebel Bingo



Rebel Bingo is one of the movements that is working hard to change the general perception over the game. The group has started playing casual bingo games in a basement several years ago, and now it organizes huge bingo themed parties. In order to bring something new for the bingo fans who actually love to party, Freddie Sorensen and James Gordon have decided to create a show that would revolve around bingo and rave atmosphere.

‘We didn’t plan anything actually. The whole idea was an accident. We used to organize regular parties, but it all changed when we found some bingo equipment in my basement. We decided to include the bingo equipment in our parties, the things went very good, and the people loved the idea. James and I kept the bingo-party idea, as we really fell in love with the game. Our life, and our little business has changed dramatically the day we’ve found the bingo kit. It is weird how sometimes your whole career, and even your existence can take a different path, just because something apparently insignificant happens to you. For us it was the bingo revelation,’ Sorensen says.

The Rebel Bingo team has activated for years in the underground scene, but now they seem to hit the mainstream area since they have associated with Mecca in order to attract a younger audience for the popular bingo provider. ‘Our project is way more than a bingo game. We are a social movement. If you want to feel something different you should try our Rebel Bingo at least once! The bingo game itself is really great, but the younger people want something a bit different. I think that we’ve found the right solution for them. The Rebel games are fun, dramatic, entertaining,’ Sorensen continues.

When asked about where they get their inspiration from, Sorensen added: ‘We just take our inspiration from people that are able to entertain an audience: Freddie Mercury was one of the greatest, indeed. We also enjoy contemporary artists that are able to pull off a great show such as Katy Perry or Slipknot.’

Although it has taken them a few years to get to this point, Freddie Sorensen and James Gordon consider that their show has reached the maturity, and they are prepared to host their show inside a Mecca hall. ‘He have improved a lot in order to bring our show to this point, and we’re really glad that we will bring our show to Mecca. This brand means a lot to British Bingo, and we are more than excited to associate our show to this huge names. We have enough experience in order to bring you a different bingo, and we can only hope that these parties will have a good impact on our audience,’ Gordon says.


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