Gala Bingo Updates

Here we have collected all the news updates about Gala Bingo along the years.

Gala Bingo to raise funds for charity

Published on: Dec 3, 2014

Gala Bingo Charity

Having just entered the Holiday Season, with Christmas coming up in a month, Gala Bingo, together with RVS will be raising money for the elderly. The Royal Voluntary Service is thus going to participate in an event that hopes to set a world record through the biggest bingo card ever. As Christmas can be a particularly difficult time for those who are alone, this is a noble endeavor that hopes to bring joy and happiness to many. Hoping to raise more than five thousand pounds from this event, Gala Bingo will also donate a part of the money that will be used by players.

Alison Digges of Gala Bingo was quoted as saying that “Bingo is all about sociability as our busy chat rooms will testify”. This is very true as Bingo is a social game that has a lot to do with playing with friends and genuinely having a great time. That is why it is important to occasionally put things into perspective and give a helping hand to those in need. Bingo is not about personal profit but about enjoying life and seeing the bigger picture is an essential feat.

The reason Gala and RVS have decided to start this campaign is to do a bit of good to ensure loneliness is eliminated, as Alison kindly phrased it.  Gala Bingo has previously done similar charity fund raisers, such as the Male Cancer Awareness fund raiser that helped raise more than 10 thousand pounds for the cause.

Those taking part in this winter’s event can win a ticket to a VIP London party. They will also feel the joy of having done a good thing and having helped out many people in need. Helping and giving is a beautiful thing, and such acts of love should be shown all the time, not only around Christmas. Nevertheless, Christmas is a great opportunity to remember that we have an obligation to ourselves and to those around us. This can bring happiness and it is said that giving is the only way to truly gain something yourself.

If you’re interested in giving a hand then try participating in the event and you might find out that you have gained more than you have offered.

Gala Bingo Counts its Pennies

Published on: Jul 12, 2011

The Gala Bingo group becomes the latest bingo company to show that it cares, after its 19,000 employees were given the opportunity to join the Pennies From Heaven scheme and donate their pennies to the Sue Ryder Care charity.

Pennies from Heaven is a simple concept, whereby participants have the pennies on their salary slips rounded off to the nearest pound, with all the ‘spare change’ being donated to a charity.

Gala Bingo decided to adopt the scheme and from this month, all of its employees across the United Kingdom can join up and have their pennies donated to one of the country’s most dedicated and worthy charities.

The Managing Director for Pennies From Heaven, Anthony Law, said about the new partnership: “We are delighted that Gala Coral staff have been given the opportunity to give their pennies to Sue Ryder Care via this simple scheme. Whilst as individuals the amounts are small, but if all of Gala Coral’s staff got involved, in excess of 150,000 GBP could be raised. Who said that pennies don’t add up?!”

Gala Coral staff have a cap of 99 p per month on their donations, meaning that they won’t even feel the amount. Gala Coral said: “It’s a fantastic way to raise much needed money for Sue Ryder Care and it’s as simple as a signature. We are asking Gala Coral employees if they notice the pennies on their wage slip and if the answer is no, then donate them to Sue Ryder Care and let their pennies help the charity make a real difference to the lives of thousands of people it cares for.”

Kudos to Gala Bingo – not only for their social initiatives but also for their fantastic range of bingo games!