Cyber Bingo Updates

Here we have collected all the news updates about Cyber Bingo along the years.

The birthday keno offer of CyberBingo

Published on: 19/08/2014

CyberBingo is one of the oldest and still active bingo halls of the internet and this year, they are celebrating their 18th birthday. Thus, CyberBingo becomes ‘an adult’ and they are ready to celebrate with style this event. This is why you have the chance to win one of the biggest prizes ever offered for free.

That’s right, you don’t have to pay anything extra besides the money that you already spend at the games in order to have a chance at this prize. The Birthday Keno machine has been specially designed for this event and it marks a great opportunity for anyone that is interested in winning big. Each loyal player that is active at CyberBingo has at least a chance to this machine and if you deposit more money into your account, more chances will pop up, as well.

You need to add at least $10 in your account in order to have a free chance to the keno machine. Afterwards, whenever you deposit at least $10, you will be able to play keno for free one more time. If you deposit $50, for example, you have 5 chances to match all the needed numbers for the big prize.

The keno machine pops up on the screen whenever you fund your account so you will not forget about making the matches and earning some cash. The grand prize is not the only one that can be won, although it is the only prize that can be redeemed as a real cash prize. The others, which are significantly smaller, but still important, can be redeemed in the form of free play credits.

In order to play keno, you will have to choose ten numbers ranging from 1 to 80. The more numbers you match, the more you will earn. However, you need to match at least 4 numbers if you want to receive a $5 free play bonus. The payouts gradually increase until $100 for 8 matched numbers, whilst 9 numbers will give you a $1,000 prize. However, matching ten numbers in the keno game will bring you the big prize.

CyberBingo is our Number One Bingo room

Published on: 14/01/2014

You know it’s time to cyber at our CyberBingo online bingo room when you are blown away by a bingo homepage that shows all it’s great offers loud and proud and involute you to become an instant member of the community. Cyber Bingo is no new comer, making their debut in 1996, but they are a legend in the online bingo community. Since then they have awarded over a staggering $920,000,000 in prizes to members of their community and are proud of the atmosphere they have created. To their merit they have won 7 prestigious awards, some of them hard to obtain in an industry with thousands of options. With new games being introduced each month, the site stays fresh, leaving players rejuvenated. If you’re looking for a cyber-fling with amazing games, great changes to keep you interested and a great spirit, then Cyber Bingo is definitely for you.

One thing that makes Cyber Bingo different is has their own unique software that was developed especially for them. A proprietary software that strays from mainstream gaming and puts the emphasis on originality. Players won’t find any likeness to other bingo sites as it captures the attention of those looking for something new. Cyber Bingo has succeeded in bringing graphics and ingenuity that put them in a class all their own. Easy navigation and a full casino keep the site alive with riveting action, but add to that the constant change bringing in new games every month you have the recipe for a winning site.

With all that going on, Cyber Bingo makes sure it doesn’t come up short of stimulating promotions. You’ll be amazed at the collection of specials right from the start with a mega bonus on your first deposit. Monthly Specials offer the latest events that are kept current so you never have to miss out on the best games. Enjoy Arcade, Casino and Bingo tournaments along with a Bingo Free Roll room open daily with real cash prizes with fast payouts and great mods that answer any questions. Big contests offering huge prizes are also available, with weekend specials you won’t want to miss out on and exciting specials thrown in at random to keep you firmly on your toes. Players have a chance to be a star by creating a YouTube video about their experiences at Cyber Bingo that will be posted directly on the site.

If you’re looking for a great site to keep you entertained and offer something completely different, then join our Cyber Bingo games room on your favorite online bingo provider,, and see why it’s chosen as number one by our fantastic online gaming community. Make it your favorite – with