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Win Mel B’s Xtra Collection at Costa Bingo

Published on: Oct 15, 2014

Mel B is the image of Costa Bingo and the former Spice Girl still has enough spice to create a great promotion in which you can win big. Costa Bingo was already a great place to win some nice money if you are a fan of bingo games, but when it comes to the newest promotion, you stand to win even more than money, so you should definitely check it out if you want a gadget or even more.

Until October 16th, Mel B will give out free cards to all Costa Bingo players that qualify. In order to earn your cards, you firstly have to play games: each day in which you register at least one played game brings you one card. If you register a deposit in a day, you will earn not one, but four free cards that are stacked in your account. What are they useful for? With the aid of these cards you will have your chance at Mel’s Xtra Collection and you will be able to win some great gadgets.

Let’s start out slow and allow you to know that the X-factor game is the first prize out of the three offered in this promotion. However, you need something to play this game on and this is why a PlayStation 4 is also part of the offer. Besides these two, you will need something more to keep things running so a Samsung Smart TV is offered to round up everything and give you access to a full entertainment station that you can use at home.

If you don’t have any cards when the bingo game is about to begin, you can still purchase them. Each one can be bought for £5, which might sound a bit steep, but the money is worth it considering the prizes that are put at stake. If you are a member of the Diamond Club, you can skip the money part and simply purchase your tickets for 10 diamonds each.

The game hosted by Mel B will debut at 9:30PM, on October 18, now that’s a great way to spend your evening, playing bingo for some great prizes which will surely make your living room more livid than ever before. The game is the 75-ball one, so a classic variation is used here. The first one to make the bingo is the winners so be sure you are the one.

Get X-tra at Costa Bingo

Published on: Sep 12, 2014

Costa Bingo is one of the best online bingo halls in which you might have the chance to play, so it would be a good idea to keep yourself updated with all the important promotions that they have available. Now, that the summer is gone, it doesn’t mean that promos will tone down; in fact, they seem to get even more interesting, thanks to Mel B especially, who is the host of the current promotion of Costa Bingo.

Mel B was nominated as a juror at the most famous talent show if Great Britain and not only. She will take a seat at the table together with Cheryl Cole, Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell, but she will also take care of her image at the bingo hall, so you can benefit from some special promos throughout the whole year. The first promotion of this kind is the “Get X-tra” one, which allows you to earn both bonus money and real cash prizes that are credited instantly into your account.

The total prize pool has a value of £500 and there are 10 prizes to be offered. If you manage to score the highest amounts of points and finish in the top 3, you will receive one of the real cash prizes. The first prize has a value of £100, although you can still earn £80 or £75 if you finish on the second or third positions. The rest of the seven places on the leaderboard are credited with bonus money which you can use to purchase bingo cards and play the side games of Costa Bingo.

The promotion lasts until September 14 so there is still plenty of time to score some nice points and earn your well-deserved spot on the leaderboard. All of the bingo rooms available here are eligible for the competition, but only the points you earn from playing 75-ball bingo are counted towards the final score. Keep this in mind when you decide to play and you will surely not be disappointed when you check out your standings on the leaderboard.