Buzzword bingo

Buzzword bingo is a bingo game where players put buzzwords on their bingo cards and mark them off during a predetermined event. You get “Bingo” when you check off the magic number of words for that round and yell “Bingo!”.

This is a satirical game, for instance; When presentations are given by exectutives or managers in a company and they use predicatble words in the superior-style speech, it is a common opportunity to play buzzword bingo. The hardest part of the game is having the guts to yell “Bingo!” in the middle of a business meeting.

Most will know the buzzword bingo joke especially if you are in a corporate type setting but of course it is never appreciated by superiors.

Many times players will just mouth the words as an inside joke. The Buzzword bingo game first took off after it was featured in a Dilbert comic in 1994. The name “Buzzword” bingo comes about because generally in these company (or sometimes political) speeches, the speaker often use predictable “buzzwords”.

It’s funny because the speaker usually thinks he or she is being intelligent using such buzzwords when really these words are common and played out in a corporate setting. One famous instance of buzzword bingo is when a male student yelled out Bingo during a staged buzzword bingo game at an Al Gore Speech.

Early in 2008 IBM released a T.V commercial featuring Buzzword bingo in many languages, showing that “Buzzword Bingo” is indeed an international game. wrote this on 2016-02-29