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Glasgow Woman Wins E-Bingo Jackpot

Published on: Sep 19, 2015

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Abigail Willis, 50, from Glasgow, who has recently grown a love for bingo machines. More than that, Abi has all the reasons to celebrate. After one week of intense bingo sessions in a Mecca hall from Cessnock, she has finally managed to hit a progressive bingo jackpot of £1,000. Abigail says that this is the first significant prize of her life, and she’s thinks that the jackpot couldn’t come in a better moment.

‘I only play bingo for three months. A friend of mine has invited me to the hall, and I really liked the atmosphere, and the fact that you can really win some amounts of money if you’re in a good day. I’ve learned the game really fast, and I’ve watched my friend a lot before trying the game myself. The first days of bingo didn’t go too well, but I kept playing as I wanted to get my money back. Now I can say that after £150 pounds invested I’ve won more than £1.000. I think that this is a really nice deal,’ Mrs. Willis says.

Dina, Abigail’s friend, who introduced her to the game, says that she would have never thought that Abigail would get so far in terms of bingo winnings. ‘I’ve always thought that she still has a lot to learn about the game, but it seems that I was wrong. When she called me on the phone, and she told me that she has won this jackpot, I didn’t believe her. I play bingo for 20 years, and I’ve just won only two jackpots, which were significantly smaller than this one. Nevertheless, I’m very happy about Abi, and I can’t wait for the party that she has promised to us,’ Dina says.

Abigail is convinced that this prize will help her get back on her feet, as her car has recently broken, but she never had enough money to repair it. ‘I really needed some fast money, and that’s why I went to the bingo hall. I just felt that my time has to come this week. I’m really happy that I finally have enough money to repair my car. I got tired of having a car and not being able to use it,’ Abigail laughs. ‘But of course, I know that I’ve won a bingo jackpot, and this doesn’t mean that I will forget my friends. I’ve promised them that I’ll throw a party to celebrate my luck. I really have to be grateful, and spending all the money on myself is just not fine. It will be my pleasure to organize a bingo themed party for them,’ Abigail concludes.

Young man wins jackpot after he quits his job

Published on: Aug 14, 2015

dear boss I quit my job

Daniel, 26, from London quit his corporate job last week. He had no idea then that the very next day he would be the happy winner of £20,000 in an online bingo room.

“I had no idea where to go, or how I was going to be able to pay my rent for the next month, but if there was one thing I knew for sure was that I couldn`t stand being in that company for one more day. Don`t get me wrong, I liked my colleagues, and everything was fine, I just couldn`t stand the pressure and responsibility of the work I was doing. I woke up that morning and I knew I was going to quit.” Daniel tells us.

We asked him what he plans to do with the money he had won. He told us that he is not sure yet, but that he plans to open a coffee shop where the guests can enjoy a really good book while drinking a nice cup of coffee.

“I love reading and I love good coffee, so why not mix them together? I think I can set up an effective business with these two ingredients. I would also like to have live performances of local bands in my little coffee shop every week, so I can promote the young artists and people can enjoy really good music. I think that`s my biggest dream.” Daniel said.

His girlfriend, Ana, is thrilled and thinks that this is the best thing that has ever happened to Daniel. She told us that it was hard for both of them because he came home exhausted, sometimes he would even skip dinner, and go straight to sleep. Now he plans to take her on a short trip to Italy because that`s the place they met a few years ago, while he was in college.

“I can`t believe that I won so much in a simple bingo game. I was just trying out new things and this just happened to me. I can tell you for sure that it wasn`t the last time I played bingo online. Actually, right now, I think I will never quit.” Daniel told us.

Well, it`s not the first time, and hopefully not the last time that we meet a very happy online bingo player. The bingo game industry seems to be constantly developing and there are plenty of platforms where people can play as well as engage with active communities of like-minded players.

Some come up with really crazy offers, and you can win not only money but also cars, or dream cruises around the world. So, hurry up, and check out some of the great offers out there.

Southampton woman wins the big prize

Published on: Aug 13, 2015


Dana, 43, from Southampton couldn`t believe her eyes when she saw she won the big jackpot of £15,000 in a local bingo room in her city. Her story is a very sad one: she is a mother of two, and her youngest, Carl, 7, was diagnosed with brain cancer last year.

His biggest wish was to go to Disneyland, and his family couldn`t afford the trip, until now.

“When he told me he wanted to see Disneyland my heart broke, I know that this illness won`t go away, and I know he doesn`t really have much time left, so I started thinking about making a credit, or asking relatives to lend me money, but we were already in big debts since he got sick, so I came to the bingo room hoping for a miracle, and it happened. Now I can fulfill my little boy`s last wish. I can go with him to meet his favorite character, Mickey Mouse.” Dana said crying.

Carl was diagnosed last year around Christmas and the doctors told his parents that it was already in a very advanced stage. But he fought bravely and he might even defeat the disease if he keeps being strong.  The parents blame themselves for thinking that the headaches he was complaining of were just the result of a flu. They think that a brain cancer awareness campaign would be important in educating people about this disease.

His older sister Gina, 12, always stays by his side while he is in hospital. She reads him stories, tells him what she does in school and teaches him math tricks.

“I just can`t wait to take them both to Disneyland, I’m sure they will have the best time of their lives. I`m sure my baby boy will enjoy the trip.” Dana said.

According to the doctors, Carl has roughly 6 months left to live although this depends on the outcome of the current treatment. When asked if she had plans with the rest of the money Gina said that she plans to start a small business and if it works out she will start a brain cancer awareness campaign in the UK. She thinks that parents ought to know about it. She never thought that her son or someone close to her was going to be diagnosed with such a cruel disease, and other parents need to know that this illness exists, to appreciate and take care of their children, and also go to the doctor even though they think it`s just a normal headache.

We wish Gina and Carl best of luck, and we hope she contacts us with great news.

Grocery Store Employee Wins Bingo Prize

Published on: Jul 30, 2015

Grocery Store Employee Wins Bingo Prize

The love for bingo has proven to be something really rewarding for Lisa Robinson, a 30-year old woman from Leicester. Although she has never bragged to friends and family about her passion for the game, Lisa managed to develop a big passion for the game during the last years. The situation has changed now though, because Lisa became a local bingo star with her £4230 bingo jackpot that she won last week.

A regular single woman, Lisa has always thought that bingo is a guilty pleasure for her, and that she would never get too many winning out of the game. ‘I was always worried that my friends and my family would just judge me for wasting my time and money in a bingo hall. That’s why I avoided the subject with all of them. I was feeling good inside a bingo hall, and it was enough for me,’ says Mrs. Robinson.

Lisa’s mother says that she has always wondered where does her daughter disappears while her cell phone would be turned off. ‘We never knew about her bingo habits, and we do not judge her at all! The family is very proud of Lisa. She is the first member of our family to win a prize like this one. It’s unbelievable. I think that I’ll just start playing bingo with my daughter from now on. Everyone seems to know her now, and she seems like a bingo expert. I think that she has to teach me the game now,’ Lisa’s mother says.

On the other hand, Lisa says that she’s really proud of her performance, and about the fact that everyone knows that she loves the game. ‘I started playing bingo 8 years ago, and I’ve always played it alone. My mother told me that she will join me for the bingo session next time, and I am so happy about it! We’re ready to take even more jackpots on our side,’ Lisa says.

Lisa who works in a grocery store, doesn’t consider herself an extremely financially stable person, and that’s why she plans to use this jackpot in order to improve this situation. ‘I’ll be honest: this jackpot isn’t a huge amount of money. But I do have to admit in the same time, that this jackpot is a huge help for me, and my bank account. I will just use it to pay off a part of my bank loans, and this will be extremely important for me. I think that I will just work more relaxed knowing that a huge chunk of my monthly salary goes to the bank. Unfortunately, it will not be enough to finish the payments, but it’s a start,’ Lisa completes her story.

Construction Worker Wins Big Jackpot

Published on: Jul 25, 2015


Even though his family and friends didn’t believe him, George Spencer, 43, from Sunderland, has always thought that his hours spent inside the bingo hall would eventually pay off someday. George, who works as a construction worker, has always thought that he should do more things in order to provide for his family, and he found a solution in bingo. After months of mediocre bingo performances, this week has successfully got the luck on his side, winning a progressive jackpot of £10.000.

‘I’ve always felt something about this jackpot. I kept following it, and I kept dreaming about it. My time has finally come. Working hard wasn’t always necessary to provide my family the best treatment, and that’s why they would usually blame me for spending too much time in the bingo hall. I have three kids, and my wife has to stay at home and take care of them, since we can’t afford a baby sitter,’ George says.

George says that this prize will keep him away from the bingo hall for a while, since he thinks that he used all his lucky resources. ‘I’m a superstitious man, and I think that I shouldn’t abuse my luck. I’ll just take the money and leave for now. I’ve read several stories about people who would just push their luck to the point where they have lose every penny they had. I’m not that man. I just want the best for my family, and I don’t want to disappoint them,’ he completes his story.

The lucky jackpot winner says he wants to spend the money in the wisest way possible. ‘I have already discussed with my wife, Nora, about a destination for the money, and we both concluded that the best idea we can adopt is to save the money for our kids’ education. We want them to follow a college, and these money could be extremely useful. We know that £10.000 are not actually a huge sum for this purpose, but this can be a good start. Investing in education is the best thing we can do,’ he says.

Even though his wife did not like the fact that his husband was spending time away from home, at the local bingo club, she was extremely happy when he came home with the winning cheque. ‘I just didn’t know too many things about the game, and I refused to believe that he won £10.000 just from playing a game. When he showed me the cheque, I started screaming of joy! I just acted like a 3-year old kid. After this experience, I started considering to join him at the bingo hall,’ Nora says.

Artist wins the big prize in Miami bingo room

Published on: Jul 8, 2015

Not long ago, George, 28, quit his Walmart job to follow his dream of painting. He didn’t know that he`ll be the happy winner of the $200,000 bingo prize. “I went to the bingo room that day because I was feeling bad, had no inspiration to paint, and my parents kept telling me to go back to work, so I was looking for a distraction. I never dreamed that I`ll be leaving that room with $200,000 in my pocket.”

When asked what he plans to do with the money, George said he hasn`t decided yet. He would like to move from his parents’ house and open an art gallery, where he could live his dream. But he also likes the idea of opening an artistic-themed bar, where he would paint the walls and the tables in different artistic styles. “I would love it, to have a bar where each room is painted in another artistic current. I would not provide Wi-Fi to customers, so that they have to talk to each other and each month I`d organize an event like a costume party or a knowledge event, and the prize would be a painting of mine. I think it would be a great way to promote myself, and also to color other people`s lives.”

His parents were shocked when he entered the room with a huge check. They first thought that it was a prank, but when he showed them the papers, they were so happy for him that they threw a barbeque party. They don`t want any of his money, and they think that the bar business idea is much better than the art gallery. “We are more practical than he is, but we support him in any way he needs. If he thinks that the art gallery is worth it, then he should go for it. But as any other parent we don`t want our son to be disappointed. We know that the art is very subjective, and pretty hard to sell nowadays.”

His painting passion started in primary school, when a teacher asked the class to paint happiness, and the best painting would be posted in front of the classroom until the end of the year. “I won, of course, and I loved seeing people in front of my work, and staring at it, trying to understand me.”

Later he went on a trip to France, with his Art College students, where he visited Le Louvre. His parents never agreed with his passion, but it seems that someone out there is watching out for him, helping him to make the dream come true. Maybe one day he will be a celebrity in the painting world. Anyway, a bingo prize of $200,000 is not a bad start.

Herne Bay Woman Wins £20,000

Published on: Apr 29, 2015

Interview with Bingo Game veterans

The lucky winner of this week is Heather Taylor, a 72 years old grandmother from Herne Bay. Heather Taylor has managed to hit a fantastic jackpot of £20.000 while playing at her favorite bingo club with her husband, Eric. Although she plays bingo for 50 years, Heather claims that this would be her biggest prize she has ever won. ‘I did win many other prizes. Bingo is my favorite game and winning is a part of the game, but this prize has made me lose my temper,’ Heather says.

Mrs. Taylor has won the jackpot by playing electronic bingo as part of a national contest. ‘I do enjoy playing all types of bingo, but if I had to choose, I would always pick a session at my favorite Herne Bay bingo club. I don’t know, but the small halls like this one are always more fun compared to the others,’ Heather says. At her 72 years, the lucky grandmother is without any doubts the oldest jackpot winners that the small club from Herne Bay has ever given. ‘In the moment I’ve won the prize, everyone has stopped playing for a moment and I was congratulated by all the people inside the hall. It was a nice moment, and it took me some moment to realize my achievement. I thought that I was dreaming, and I told my husband to pitch me,’ Mrs. Taylor says.

The bingo club officials have already confirmed the prize, and Mrs. Taylor could start thinking about a way to spend the money. ‘It’s true that we have to wait for an official validation of the prize that took some hours, but to be honest, on my way home I kept thinking about a destination for the money. Even though my husband, Eric, is not as addicted as I am, he had offered to help me spend the money,’ Heather laughs. ‘After three days of talking with my husband, we have decided that the best way to spend the money is to buy our grandson, Michael, a car. He always wanted a car for himself, but we’ve never found the money to actually buy him one. He deserves it, as he has just finished his college, and we’ll be more than happy to buy him a car.’

Heather says that she won’t stop playing her favorite game. ‘I know that this prize is enough to satisfy my winning thirst, but I feel that it’s not enough to vanish my bingo thirst. The 50 years of bingo career made me have strong feelings about this game, and I don’t expect them to disappear with a lucky win. We talk about a half of century of bingo habits,’ Heather concludes.

Unemployed Wins Online Bingo Jackpot

Published on: Apr 9, 2015


Usually the stories involving bingo jackpots tend to be bright and happy. Unfortunately for Andrew Laurent, 45, from Luton, his bingo story has no good sides, except for the fact that he has managed to win a significant amount of money.

Andrew says that he had waited for a moment like this for a long time, but at the same time he knows that he still has to come a long way in order to put his life in order. ‘Two years ago I had divorced from my wife, and my life was a mess after this event. More than that, I had some problems at my former workplace, since me and my wife were working in the same place. I just had to leave it and I have been unemployed for two years living from benefits and my safety funds,’ Mr. Laurent says.

The only thing that made Andrew happy during these two years was online bingo. He had never played bingo before the divorce but he decided to play after he saw a TV advert. ‘I have no children, I have no friends and I had to find something to do with my time. I wasn’t motivated enough to get a new job, so I’ve found some kind of inner peace by playing online bingo. I always knew that it wasn’t right, but I lacked the motivation to do something else with my life.’

Andrew thinks that this jackpot is a good reason to increase his motivation and he’s aware that his life should change from this point. ‘I’ll buy a new suit, I’ll print some copies of my CV and I won’t stop until I will get a new job. Maybe this prize was all I needed to wake up. Playing bingo is not wrong, but some people have to see bingo more as a hobby, not as a full-time job,’ Andrew says.

Having these plans in his head, Andrew says that he will stop playing bingo until he will get a new job. ‘I need a pause from bingo. I have to focus on my real life and I know that I still have some big steps to follow in order to have a normal life. I will get back on bingo, once I will have a normal life, and more than that, I want to replace the online bingo with real bingo. In this moment, I think that I need interactions with real persons. Who knows? I’ve read so many stories with singles meeting their significant others at the bingo hall. Maybe I will be the next one with a story like these ones,’ Mr. Laurent ends his story.

Biology teacher wins massive jackpot

Published on: Jan 9, 2015

Lily Smith, 44, from Leeds is a huge animal lover that is volunteering in a local animal shelter every time she can. Everything she does just describes her love for the animals. She also teaches Animal Biology at the University of Leeds and she usually donates money every month to the animal shelter she is volunteering at.

Even though you wouldn’t think so, Lily loves playing bingo on-line, and she is really good at it too. She had won several smaller prizes before, but this time, she managed to hit the jackpot on TitanBingo by playing Connect-The-Dots. She was more than surprised to see that she actually won a jackpot. “I knew I am a lucky person, but the fact I have won this amount of money is incredible. I barely recovered from the shock, and I started to think about what I would do with the money,” says Lily. “I am very happy with my earnings and I didn’t actually need the prize for myself. All the money I have won from bingo before was donated to the animal shelter that I am volunteering at. I will surely do the same thing again.”

All her love for animals was inspired by her parents who were veterinarians. She was taught even since her childhood to respect, to love and to care for animals and she later centered all her life on those principles. This is the reason why she become a vegetarian, and this is why she convinced her husband, Alan, to adopt this lifestyle himself. “You can’t love the animals and eat meat at the same time. It may seem like a radical opinion, but this is my belief and you can’t change it,” she says.

Unfortunately for Lily and her husband, they could not have any children. It was a hard moment for them when they found this out, but they moved on and they decided to adopt some animals from the local shelter. Two cats and one dog are their children at the moment and they seem to be a happy family.

When she was asked about how she started playing bingo, Lily answered: “It seems that all my passions and hobbies come from my parents. They are both die-hard bingo fans and they are both animal lovers. Just like me. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. It is something genetic.”

Even though it may seem like a lot of money to be donated for an animal shelter, Lily considers that is something normal and nothing is too much when you truly love something. I wish I could do more for the animals, and this is why I will not stop playing bingo.

Lucky Bingo Winner takes house as prize

Published on: Jan 8, 2015

James Hammond, 56, from Luton is the lucky winner of one of the five houses available on the panel of prizes during the 28th of December bingo match. He was so excited when he talked on the phone with the bingo show host, Anthony Crank, that he doesn’t even know what he said during the call. He only knows that he had to say a number, he chose the number 13 and he won a house in London. “The number 13 has always been a lucky number for me. My wedding day was on the 13th of July and my son was born on the 13th of December. I can only say that 13 is definitely a lucky number for me,” he says.

“After I hung up the phone, I just know that I embraced my family, my wife and my son, and I sat there for a few minutes. Our joy was immense especially as we are saving money to buy an apartment in London. A lot of friends called us to congratulate us and we can only say that it’s like living in a dream. It’s hard even for us to believe that we had actually won a house in London,” says the lucky winner.

The day before, his wife, Emily, dreamed that they will win at bingo, but they never thought that they would win such a huge prize. “I always knew that my wife’s dreams are usually real, but when she told me that she had this dream it was hard for me to believe it. We had never won anything, so you can imagine my shock when we found out that we won a house. It’s a big step from us to jump from this rental house in Luton to our own apartment in London,” says James.

The prize is even bigger as James and his wife are already working in London and they have to commute 60 miles every day. “Our life suddenly got a lot easier. We solved so many problems! I still can’t believe it! Now the money we already saved for our apartment can be used for a nice, well-deserved vacation and a new car,” says Emily with tears of joy in her eyes.

Asked if he has any advice for all the bingo players in the country, James said: “Just believe in your chance. Your turn will eventually come one day and your life will change. All you have to do is to keep playing. I wasn’t confident that I will ever win anything and I was playing bingo casually. Take my example: it can happen to you any time you play!”

Woman wins after 18 years trying

Published on: Jan 6, 2015

Mary Jones, 58, a History teacher from Norwich is a happy woman. After playing Bingo on a regular basis for 18 years she managed to win the jackpot of this month consisting in £30 000 and the brand new Volkswagen Passat.

When she was called to be told she had won the prize she thought it was a joke made by her husband or friends. When she realized that she was actually winning something she simply lost her mind and started crying and laughing at the same time. “I’ve never won anything. The idea of getting a jackpot was just an abstract concept for me. I played bingo just because I liked the idea of bingo. Not for the money. Not for the prizes. Not for the jackpots. I simply got used to the idea that I would never win something,” she says with an accomplished smile on her face.

When asked about how she would want to spend the money, she answered: “The good thing is that my husband, Richard, helped me organize the things a little bit. I and Richard decided that we will spend a part of the money for a vacation. We certainly need one. We think that Portugal sounds like a great destination and we already bought the tickets.”

She also told us that she would like to give her daughter, Anna, the rest of the money: “Richard and I are earning enough from our teacher jobs. We don’t really need the money and we would like to give our daughter some money to help her realize her dream. She has always wanted to own an antique store, and I think this idea sounds great and I truly want to help her.

Since Mary and Richard already have two other relatively new cars, they want to give the Volkswagen Passat to their son, Michael, who is driving a twenty-two years old Renault. “Michael always loved his car, but I think he has to change it. We will just give the new car to him as a gift for his birthday, which is in three weeks. He knows that I won something at bingo, but he doesn’t know that I have also won a car. We want to make it a surprise,” she says.

Asked about her future bingo plans she answered that she will continue playing, as bingo was always just a hobby for her. “I will stop playing, of course, for two or three weeks, as me and Richard are going to a vacation in three days, but once I will come back, I will try to go for some jackpots again, why not?, “ she laughs.

TitanBet Bingo jackpot goes to Bristol

Published on: Dec 31, 2014

Titanbet Bingo Offer

Elisabeth Higgins, 70, from Bristol is not a usual granny. Her biggest hobby is playing bingo on her home computer, especially on TitanBet. Although she plays on a daily basis, she never expected to win a big prize, so she was petrified when she won the DOND 90 Ball jackpot, consisting of £53.021. Of course, the 70 year old has won many smaller prizes throughout her bingo career, but she never expected that she could ever really hit a jackpot.

Since Elisabeth doesn’t have any children, she considers the best way to use the money is charity. She says that she doesn’t need money anymore and she plays bingo just for casual fun. There are people out there that need the money more than me. Look at Africa, for example. I would like to donate all the money I’ve won to kids in Africa so that they can go to school. The best investment anyone can do is in education, says Elisabeth.

Elisabeth said she will not stop here. She plans to play as much as before hoping to win another big prize. She told us she plans to do exactly the same if she would ever win another jackpot again. I am too old to spend a lot of money anymore. I have travelled enough during my life, I have spent enough money. Maybe it’s time to give something back. I am too old for campaigns like the Ice Bucket Challenge, so I will just donate the bingo jackpot to the kids of Africa, says Elisabeth with a smile on her face.

Even though he was not a big fan of bingo before, Elisabeth’s husband, Steve, started playing bingo too since his wife won the jackpot. Now they have a new issue to solve. If they want to stop fighting over the computer to play bingo, they need to buy a new one. I may also donate a new computer to Steve, she laughs.

Money was never an issue for the Higgins family and Steve completely supports Elisabeth in her intentions of donating the money to charity. We have as much money as we need to live our lives peacefully. Maybe if I will ever win a jackpot I will do the same as Elisabeth. There is no need to be greedy, especially at our age. We have to leave something behind us so it’s our duty to make the world a better place, says Steve.

Largest Bingo Win Ever | 60 year old John Orchard Wins over £5.8m

Published on: Dec 20, 2012

As the popular saying “fortune favors the brave” goes, the coming Christmas will be a memorable one for Mr. John Orchard – the luckier among the luckiest players ever known in the history of online bingo.

The 60 years old men from Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, just got his face on papers from all over the world for scoring the largest ever online bingo win: £5.883.044.

From 30p to 5.9 million in one second

Although he claims to have discovered online bingo only recently, Mr. Orchard is now the one who crushed the previous U.K. record-win set by  Soraya Lowell back in 2008 with her £1.2 million score.

While playing his “usual” bingo game to kill time on just an ordinary Sunday afternoon, John Orchard decided to try opening one of the many side games offered by his online bingo room in order to try some of those unusual games that apparently seem to have very little to do with bingo.

For no specific reason, he decided to open a game named “The Dark Knight” a sort-of online slot launched one summer ago based on 2008 movie The Dark Knight and went for investing a 30p bet on a spin.

Result? The former job centre worker stayed with his eyes wide shut in front of the screen of his computer as this started to show the numbers of his almost 6 million Pounds win. Because, yes! He hit the jackpot.

“I just couldn’t believe I won”, he confessed to the tabloid The Sun explaining also how he waited to be contacted by the bingo room representatives before turning to his wife to explain his amazing story.

A life changing game

I was planning to keep working at my job centre for some 5 more years – but not any longer” he continued explaining the beginning of his grand plan for enjoying his record bingo win to the fullest.

After quitting his job, the luck Mr. Orchard traded his Renault Clio with a less proletarian brand new Jaguar XH and started planning a good way to spoil his wife and himself for their upcoming 25th wedding anniversary.

“This is going to change my whole life”, he said while being pictured with the super check sent by the bingo room and right before having shyly admitted that – no, he has no idea how to deposit over 5.7 million Pounds to his account. Yet.


Majestic Bingo Win

Published on: Jul 12, 2011

At South Shields Bingo Hall located in Denmark Centre a retired man and his wife that have played the National Bingo game “every night for many years”, literally jumped for joy after winning the UK’s National Bingo game at the Majestic Club. It was a heart warming moment for UK Bingo players, the great grandpa and great grandpa won the house prize of £120 by completing the full house pattern on their bingo cards within 45 numbers.

They were happy with that result, in fact they were on their way out the door for the evening when they learned that out of 470 bingo clubs in the nation that participate in the national bingo game, the lowest call came from the two great grandparents at the Majestic. The winners of the £40,000 had no idea, they were on their way out of the club.

“We were already walking out the club when it was announced how much I had won. I was stunned. When we realized, we were both so pleased we started jumping about.” The winners chose not to release their names to the press, but did share with reporters that they have been playing National Bingo “Every night for many years”. This is reportedly the couples first major bingo jackpot win. Granddad has 4 children, 4 grand children, and three great grand children. Plans to spend the money: Grandma is going on vacation! The bingo jackpot winners plan to spend a holiday abroad.

The Majestic Club also hosted a bingo game in April of 2007 that paid off a big bingo jackpot, one of the players at that Majestic bingo game won the £100,000 national jackpot.