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Go Special at Bingo Sky

Published on: Oct 31, 2014

Bingo Sky is a well-established bingo room, providing you with all the needed games and features you’d want when it comes to bingo. You don’t have to travel to a bingo hall in order to have fun, you just have to get logged into your account and you can start playing. It’s not difficult at all when it comes to getting the hang of bingo, even if you are a novice; all variations are easy to understand and you will quickly find yourself enjoying a certain variety.

When you become a funded player, you probably want to get the best bang for the buck and there are various ways in which you can do this, especially when you play here. The funding bonuses are something you should really keep an eye on, regardless of the day of the week. This allows you to benefit from a bonus even if you are a weekend player or if you just spend daily time in your favorite bingo room.

Mondays are reserved for Bingo Lovers, so you can receive a 400% bonus if you add at least £60 in your account. If you want to save up some money for later and decide to deposit £59 or less, you will enjoy a great 200% bonus, which is still quite massive for a regular bonus. Tuesdays bring you a 99% bonus if you add at least £10 and at most £29 in your account. From £30 to £59 deposited, you will earn a bonus of 199% and if you aim high and deposit at least £60, you can enjoy a 299% bonus.

Wednesdays are the Ladies Days so an 88% bonus is available for deposits between £10 and £29, but once again, if you want to add more, such as £30 or £59, you will enjoy a 188% bonus. If you deposit more than £60, a 288% bonus will be credited in your account. Thursday Madness is next, so 300% bonuses are available if you add at least £60 in your account. You will go with half that bonus if you decide to deposit at most £59.

TGI Fridays will bring you the most massive bonuses of the week, with a 400% one for deposits higher than £60 and with half bonuses for less than £59 deposited. The Saturday fever will come with either 300% or 150% bonuses, depending if you want to decide more or less than £60. And last but not least, the Sunday Funday promo comes with either 200% or 100% bonuses for deposits higher or smaller than £60.

October Specials at Bingo Sky

Published on: Oct 21, 2014

October 2014 specials at BingoSKY

Bingo Sky loves to keeps its customers entertained, so if you play bingo here, you have a lot of chances to earn some big prizes at the end of the day, when you enter the biggest competitions out there. There are a series of constant promotions which give you access to a lot of prizes, but besides them, you also have the possibility to take part in special promos. October is a great month for promotions, given the fact that Halloween provides a lot of inspiration for those that are in charge of creating the new events.

This makes Bingo Sky a great place this month and even if we are already past the halfway mark of October, there are still a lot of prizes to be won here: a promotion that runs for the full course of the month is the Halloween Video Slots Tourney, where you stand to win £600 if you reach the top of the leaderboards by the end of the month. You have the chance to play multiple slot games and you can do this as much as you want until the end of the month. However, even if you are one of the other 9 players in top 10, you still stand to win a prize.

The Trick or Treat bingo tournament also takes place at Bingo Sky this month and the games are available each Wednesday and Friday at the bingo hall. You will have to win as many games as possible to get on the leaderboard and currently, you need just six wins in order to enter the top 10. If you get more than 10 wins, you will reach the top 4 on the leaderboards and be eligible for a bigger prize.

October 26 is the date when the £25,000 Coverall game is hosted by Bingo Sky and you should register if you want to earn a share of the biggest prize offered this month. There are plenty of games played during this championship, culminating with the £25,000 game.

Besides this, if you tune into the bingo hall on October 29, you will have the chance to play the Super RollerCoaster bingo game. You stand to earn up to £600 and you have to invest just £0.6 for a single card, although you can purchase more, as well. As you see, the month is far from being over, especially when you play bingo at Bingo Sky.