Bedfred Updates

Here we have collected all the news updates about Betfred Bingo along the years.

(12/11/2014) Betfred “Clovember” and a £1,000,000 prize!

Betfred Bingo £1,000,000 Prize

Are you searching for a new Bingo room where you can have a lot of fun and play with your friends? Are you interested in constant, amazing promotions offering huge cash prizes? Do you enjoy a variety of games in addition to the traditional 75 Ball and 95 Ball Bingo?

Then Betfred Bingo is the right place for you. Featuring amazing prizes and weekly promotions, here you can win and receive bonuses from your time spent in the Betfred Bingo room.

In November you can take part in the “Clovember” getaway that offers prizes of £15,000. You simply have to play and you can win every day in November. To enter the day’s draw, just deposit £5 or more. You have a great chance of winning and you can enter as many times as you want for increased chances.

Betfred Bingo is possibly the Bingo room with the largest prizes out there. Between the 3rd and 30th of November you can win up to a million pounds in cash. Yes, you heard that right. For every £10 you stake at Betfred Bingo, you receive an entry to the week’s draw. You can win anything from £10 to £15,000. Thousands of people win every week and there is no reason why shouldn’t be among them. The total week prizes increase as the month reaches its, end the total prize pool for the fourth week reaching £40,000!

Join Betfred Bingo and start being part of the fun. A lot of different promotions like the million pounds prize are waiting for you over at Betfred Bingo. One such example is that on the first Friday of every month you can win £20,000. Play between 6pm and midnight and you are guaranteed to take place in the amazing draw.

But Friday is not the only day when you should play for increased chances of winning great prizes and rewards. Another perfect day to play Bingo is Sunday. Sunday we host the “Super Sunday” even, a time in which you receive a large part of your money back. Get between 15% and 25% of your money back depending on your VIP status and stop worrying about money. Instead, start enjoying your time at Betfred Bingo and worry about the fun you should be having. And if you want to take a break from Bingo you can always take part in fun games such as roulette or the classic monopoly.

(08/08/2014) Betfred Bingo August hot promotions


August is a sizzlin’ hot summer month and you might as well stay indoors where you can cool down and still have some fun. Why travel to your local bingo hall when you can have at least the same amount of fun while playing on a website where the community is great? This is the case of Betfred Bingo, where you can have a lot of fun and you don’t have to spend a ton of money in order to win big.

In fact, even the cheapest tickets can get you a long way down the road if you register for a competition, such as the Summer Sizzler. This promo requires you to purchase £5 worth of tickets in order to receive a ticket. What is even better is that you don’t have a limit of maximum tickets that you can register within the competition: the more bingo tickets you buy, the more entry tickets you will receive and the closer you will get to the prizes worth £15K. Each day, £500 prizes are put at stake and you can win one with almost no efforts at all. Each day, 15 prizes worth £10, 30 prizes worth £5 and 100 prizes worth £2 are part of the pool and you can win one with ease.

The 5 Reel Fiver is another promotion that is up and running at Betfred Bingo this month and here, you can earn a small, but consistent £5 bonus when you play the wide variety of side games available within the bingo hall. The most popular games available in this section are slots and there are plenty to choose from a favorite: Clover Rollover and The Winnings of Oz are just the most popular of them all.

Monday Value Night is a great competition offered by Betfred Bingo to those that want to start the week with style. £20,000 prizes are put at stake as part of this competition and you can earn a prize for as little as 4p, the price of a ticket. Even the “buy one get one free” offer is available this night so you can surely have a lot of fun until midnight.

Are you, interested in free bingo games? You can have them here if you head to the Disco room. From noon and until midnight, free bingo games are hosted and they have real prizes that you can win. As you see, August is a busy month at Betfred as they have a wide range of promotions available, to cover everyone’s needs in terms of bingo games.

(11-06-2014) Betfred Bingo multiple promotions

Betfred is an all-time favorite of the players and they have a wide selection of rooms and games where you can try your luck or skill. There is a wide variety of games that are part of Betfred’s offer and the bingo room of the company is well established, providing just about everything you need to make bingo enjoyable. However, if you have been playing at Betfred Bingo for a while, you surely noticed that they have a wide assortment of offers that are always up and running, ready to help you earn some money or free games. June does not make exception from this unwritten rule, so you can enjoy various offers this month.

More than £1,000 in free prizes are available each week at Betfred and this is the perfect time to score a win. You do not have to pay anything, so you will not lose anything – this promo is just about being on par at the end of the day or being on plus. These offers are held weekly and no day of the week is an exception from the schedule. Of course, there is always the possibility to upgrade your tickets and register more consistent wins.

High Five Fever is a promotion that features a £500 prize pool and the main condition to qualify for this promo is to play bingo daily at Betfred Bingo. Each day gives you the possibility to win a £5 game bonus that features only a 2 x wagering requirement. To be eligible for the day, you only have to deposit at least £5 in your account and then you can start purchasing as many tickets as you want, practically, the sky is the limit.

There is also a £20K guaranteed giveaway featured in June and this is available during the first Friday, on a monthly basis. The Wild West Saloon Room is the place where you should play bingo if you want higher odds of earning a share of the prize and you need to stick with the 75-ball variation of the game. This way, you will have the best odds at being at the top of the leaderboard.

Last, but not least is the £250K weekend at Betfred Bingo. The Bunker Room is packed with prizes that have a total value of £250,000 and the prizes are awarded at the end of the month, after a three-day contest. There are new games featured on a daily basis for this contest so you should always check the updates.