Online Bingo For Women

Online bingo is very popular among women. Without a doubt, bingo is played online by many men as well, but women are a majority. There is even an online bingo room catered to women only, called 888 ladies.

They have said that online bingo is becoming a social networking platform as well as a game for money and they cater to that trend. It is a well known fact that women have won millions of dollars online playing bingo and every month the number of women who join online bingo sites is increasing.

Some may think that middle aged women are the ones who play bingo the most, but it really encompasses females of all ages and races. Bingo is the most popular of course in the UK, but as far as age goes, we have 19 year olds and 85 year olds and everyone in between visiting our site daily for bingo resources. is the best site for women online bingo players because their software, promotions and prizes are very feminine in nature on the most part. Women use their brain differently than men do and the site is geared towards women. Women sometimes like playing with only women players because they like to talk about women stuff and don’t want guys evesdropping on their secret female plots to rule the world :).

So the chat is another great feature about women’s online bingo. Sometimes there are no neighbours or friends around during the day or evening and you feel like chatting it up with other like minded people. What better place to do that then on a chat room of an online bingo site?

You can also meet someone as enthusiastic as yourself in a normal online bingo room and possibly start a relationship with a man who loves bingo. What a great love story that would make, man and woman meet on bingo site and hit it off! Are women better than men at bingo? That’s a great question.. I’m sure most women think so :).

The only way to find out is to pit your strenghts against the men. All online bingo sites allow men to play of course, but you probably won’t find too many men at the 888 ladies site. wrote this on 2017-02-15