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Here we have collected all the news updates about 888 Ladies Bingo along the years.

888 Ladies Bingo & Ashley Roberts

Published on: 06/08/2015

Cancer awareness campaigns have unfortunately become common nowadays. Bingo platform 888 Ladies, and Ashley Roberts, a former member of the Pussycat Dolls, have decided to start their own fight against the terrible disease. This happens just after the bingo website has associated with the Cancer Research United Kingdom’s Race For Life. The campaign will raise cancer awareness among the population, and also to fund more than 300 nationwide research projects.

888 Ladies Bingo has also implemented a series of games specially tailored for this campaign, so if you buy a bingo ticket, 10% of the total value will go straight to the cancer awareness causes that the bingo website is involved in. More than that, just after she joined the campaign, Ashely Roberts said: ‘I know how it is like to lose someone you love in the fight against this disease. My mother has lost two friends of her in the last 12 months, and it’s just devastating to know that everyone is exposed to cancer. I want to make myself useful and be a voice for this awareness campaign.’

Ashley has joined a huge number of other ladies that took part in the cancer awareness campaigns organized by Cancer Research United Kingdom in the last 20 years. Within those 20 years of active campaigns, a huge amount of £500 million was collected by more than 7 million women.

‘Cancer Research United Kingdom and their Race For Life are some inspiring concepts, and it’s an honor for me to be a part of those organizations, and play my role against the cancer. The whole idea is extremely impactful, and we’re just glad to celebrate the winners against the disease. It’s just great that we can get together, and fight for a big cause like this one,’ Ashely adds.

Even though the Race For Life campaigns are made exclusively for the ladies, Cancer Research United Kingdom is funding the fight against every single type of cancer that affects women, men or children, regardless the age or the social status.

888 Ladies Bingo will also have a big role to play in this fight, as they are planning to give away some exclusive gifts for the ladies that will take part in the campaign’s races. Some prizes can also be claimed if you check out the Facebook or the Twitter of 888 Ladies Bingo. ‘It’s very important for us to join this campaign, as our website is fully dedicated to women. We’re also glad that we join Ashley in this fight, and we will hope that we will continue raising the cancer awareness in the United Kingdom,’ an 888 Ladies Bingo says.

Jingle Bell Bash at 888Ladies

Published on: 25/11/2014

888 Ladies Jingle Bells Bash

Ladies, have you been looking for an online playground only for yourself? Do you enjoy games of bingo and occasional slots and fun little games? 888Ladies is the perfect website for you! Offering a huge range of promotions and prizes, it only shows that good quality and service do indeed get rewarded.

In anticipation of winter, 888Ladies have just displayed their new promotion, the Jingle Bell Bash. With the Jingle Bell Bash you can win awesome holiday prizes and special jackpots. You can participate in the huge holiday party they’ll be throwing and win over £8,800 in jackpots. You can be merry for the entire month of December as long as you remember that life is just a game and that you should be having a good time. 888Ladies is delighted to shower you with prizes in great new rooms. They’re offering 75 ball rooms for prizes between £300 and £3,000. The rooms are simple to find, just look for the reindeer names: Dancer, Dasher, Vixon, Prancer and Rudolph. Entry tickets are as cheap as 20p and you’ll be able to win amazing prizes.

Free games!

We all know that the truly best things in life are free. So is the case with bingo and other games as long as you’re having a good time and playing with friends and family. That’s why 888ladies added new free games and rooms which you can play in. Don’t forget to check them out as they could turn out to be a lot more fun than you thought. These cool rooms are: The Freebie Fun, the Ten Den and the Great Weekly.

The Freebie Fun Room is free for those who made a deposit in the previous three days and it offers prizes around 2 pounds. It’s open for a few hours throughout the day between 8am-10pm, 12pm-2pm and 6pm-10pm.

The Ten Den is a free room for all players and offers the opportunity of winning 20 pounds every hour. It features prizes of 10 pounds every 30 minutes and is open almost all day, between 10 am and 10 pm.

The Great Weekly is probably the best room of 888Ladies. Free tickets are earned by depositing >20 pounds and the prizes range between 250 and 500 pounds. It’s truly great for those who are looking to make some serious money.

888 Ladies hosts the Pink Friday

Published on: 16/10/2014

Pink October, breast cancer awarness

Awareness of breast cancer has been possible throughout the years thanks to different organization and people that pleaded to make this issue known. Even now, there are countless NGOs and not only, who work together raising funds and turning them in towards research or treatments for the women affected by it. If you also want to be part of this, but you also want to have a bit of fun at the same time, you can check out 888 Ladies, a great place to play bingo and help others in need.

888 Ladies is centered upon women, hence many of the promotions they feature revolve around them. This is a great way to earn some nice money while you get to do it in a promo tailored to your preferences, compared with other promos out there. This way, you can maximize the fun and you should do it the next two weeks at 888 Ladies: on October 17th and 24th , you will have the possibility to register for one of the Pink Friday games and help 888 Ladies raise funds for breast cancer research and treatment. How does this work?

There are two jackpots to be won, one of them offered each Friday. Each one has a value of £2,000 and it will be paid out of the funds that are raised within the promotion itself. However, this is not all: there will be more money to be raised aside for the £4K and all the money will be sent to Breast Cancer Care. Whether it’s £1K or £10K, all this money will be sent towards the association.

The first game, the one hosted during October 17, will be played in the Pink Ribbon room, and the fun will begin at 10PM. The next game, which is hosted on October 24, will be played in the Pink Power room, starting at the same time with the previous one. This way, you can create a schedule which allows you to get into both games.

The jackpot is split between winners, so that a full line winner will take home £1,000, a two-line winner will earn £700, while the one-line winner will earn £300. You can get in the game for as low as £1, the cost of a card for the promo. If you are feeling generous, you can pay as much as £96 for 96 cards, the maximum allowed to be played in the rooms.

Live Life Large With 888 Ladies Free Games

Published on: 02/12/2013


With the run up to Christmas well into swing a little free cash never comes amiss – but in our 888Ladies online Bingo game room, there’s A LOT of free cash on offer for everyone! If you’re a newbie to the site there’s a massive 888 GBP up for grabs and somebody has to win, so why not you? You won’t believe what’s on offer in our 888Ladies room, the promotions are huge, the play is furious and atmosphere is electric – what more do you need?

When you sign up and open your account with £10 those generous ladies give you an EXTRA £25 as a welcome bonus with no strings attached, and for the first three days of joining, you get access to 10 free games playing every hour between midday & 10pm. 8 FREE daily games of £30 & 2 FREE daily games of £28. That’s a total of £888 free bingo to be won in three days! It’s a chance to make money out of nothing – real cash for free games? It’s true! It’s the chance you’ve been waiting for.

If you want to see some serious money in your bank account make sure you’re in the games at 10pm every night. With various jackpots on each day you can chose what you win, and if it doesn’t work for you one day, you always have the next day to take another shot. If you want to win big your best chance is to play every day and keep going till you get what you want. They say practice makes perfect – and they’re not wrong…

Why not take some time to check out all the latest promotions going on in our 888Ladies room but don’t be fooled by the name – it’s not just for ladies. With all the fun, chat and fast games going on it’s a thrill-o-rama for everyone that you just can’t afford to miss. It’s another great game room from your favorite online gaming site, Bingo.org.

888 Ladies | Exclusive Offer

Published on: 29/11/2013


What an Exclusive Offer it is ! You cannot miss out on this offer for the coming month. 888Ladies if offering all its new players who make a first time deposit of £10 the possibility to play with £40 !

There is a super welcome bonus of 300%.

In order to register you need to enter the code LADIES30 in the cashier when making a £10 deposit.
Terms & Conditions:

1. The First Deposit Bonus is subject to the Terms and Conditions located at 888ladies.com (the “Site”). 888ladies Terms and Conditions In the event of any discrepancy between the terms contained herein and this policy, the terms contained herein shall supersede.

2. In relation to the Exclusive Promotion, The First Deposit Bonus is 300% credited in bonus funds only. The deposit to qualify for this First Deposit Bonus is £10 only.

3. Any deposit between £15-£100 will receive the standard welcome bonus of 250%.

4. The First Deposit Bonus will be credited to your account immediately after your initial purchase, and will be added automatically to your account. You cannot withdraw any of the bonuses at any stage. Bonus funds are only available for the purchase of Bingo cards.

5. Only one First Deposit Bonus will be issued per customer. Multiple accounts will not qualify for additional First Deposit Bonus or the re−deposit bonus. The 300% First Deposit Bonus only applies to non-funded players.

6. The First Deposit Bonus will only be given if you enter valid credit/debit card details upon registration.

7. You can cash out any of your winnings. If you wish to cash out your deposit you need to wager a minimum 2x the amount of deposit + the amount of First Deposit Bonus prior to withdrawing the deposit.

8. If you wish to withdraw any or all of your deposit before meeting the wagering requirement, you will forfeit your First Deposit Bonus.

9. Withdrawals are subject to the standard wagering & withdrawal requirements as they appear on the site.