80-Ball Online Bingo

Online bingo players know that typical bingo games come in 75-ball and 90-ball varieties.

While 75-ball games with 5×5 cards are common in the U.S. and 90-ball games with 3×9 cards are a more European occurrence, either game can be found easily at online bingo sites. However, there is yet another variation of online bingo that enthusiasts can enjoy: 80 ball bingo.

Playing 80-Ball Bingo
What makes 80-ball bingo so special is the unique bingo card being used. In 80-ball bingo, closing slides are used to cover the called numbers on the ticket (So called “shutters”.) The slides work the same way as your dauber in a 75 or 90-ball game. When playing online, virtual cards of the same nature are used instead.