75-Ball Bingo Online

Experienced bingo players already know that the game of bingo comes in numerous variations. Maybe the most common one, at least in North American, is the 75-ball game.

Even though the 90-ball game is more popular in Europe and the new upcoming 80 ball game is catching a lot of attention online, the classic 5×5 bingo ticket used in 75-ball game is what most people associate to when they think of bingo. The 75-ball bingo is also the most popular game online.

Playing 75-Ball Bingo On the 75-ball bingo card, 25 squares are arranged in five horizontal and five vertical rows. Every square contains one number, except for the center square, usually marked as “X” or “free space”. This free space counts as a marked number.

Above of the vertical rows the letters B, I, N, G and O are spelled out in order for players to find the number on their ticket. The vertical column under the letter “B” contains the numbers between 1 and 15, 16-30 in the “I” column, 31-45 in the “N” column, 46-60 in the “G” column, and finally, all numbers between 61 and 75 are found in the vertical “O” column. Experienced players all know these numbers by heart, but for new players this is an easy way to not lose track of the numbers called.

Playing 75-Ball Bingo Online
Traditionally, 75-ball bingo is played until one player marks five numbers in a row on his or her bingo card. The row can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal, and players are allowed to count the “free space” square as marked. Online, players can choose whether they want to mark the numbers themselves, or have the computer software do the job for them.

Winning 75-Ball Online Bingo
To spice up the fun of the game, 75-ball bingo games online are often played with additional winning patterns other than the traditional five-in-a-row. Examples of these patterns are the “Blackout,” also called “Coverall,” the “Diamond” and the “Outside Frame” pattern.

Remember to look for additional winning patterns when you are playing online.