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How to play and Win 30 Ball Online Bingo

The 30 ball online bingo game has stolen the hearts of millions of bingo players worldwide. This is no surprise given how easy it is to play and how often you can win. It has been reported that 6 out of 10 players do well in the game – bingo is profitable for both players and online casinos. One of the best things about Bingo is that it comes in different formats. Countries like the UK, Australia and New Zealand are used to a 90 ball format, and there is also a 75 ball and 80 ball format which is very popular in the US. However, the newest form of bingo in the industry is 30 ball bingo online, which is commonly referred to as ‘speed bingo’. One of it’s main features is its speed and hence in this version of the game you can expect a lot more tension and excitement, as well as a bigger number of winners.

Playing 30 ball Bingo

30 ball bingo is the perfect bingo variant for those who are short on time and want to see instant results. The Bingo card is very simple and only contains a 3 by 3 grid, with no free spaces, therefore there’s a number in all 9 squares. The first column displays numbers in the range of 1 to 10, the second numbers in the range of 11 to 20 and the third column will show numbers in the range of 21 to 30. Only 30 numbers can be called throughout the game (hence 30 ball bingo) that need to be matched with the numbers shown on the ticket, making the game a third faster than other bingo variants.
Given that the game is so quick, it allows for many more games to be played within the hour, allowing for more possible winnings. Given that there are so few numbers to keep track of on a single bingo card, it is also easier for players to manage more than one bingo card simultaneously, so as the numbers are being called out, players are increasing their chances even further.
If a site is also offering a progressive jackpot, the probability of winning this in 30 ball bingo is much higher than winning it in 75-ball bingo or 90-ball bingo.

Playing 30 ball Bingo Online

The 30 ball bingo online card has 3 rows and 3 columns so a total of nine spaces, all occupied by numbers, hence no free spaces, unlike the 90-ball and 75-ball variants of the game. Also, unlike other versions of bingo where you can get three wins in a game (one line, two lines and a full house), 30 ball bingo online usually only has one winner per game and that is the Full House winner, the player who has covered all 9 numbers on their bingo card, and nothing less.
However, having said that, quite a few 30 ball online bingo rooms are starting to experiment with this format and are now offering a three-stage pattern, similar to other variants. This means that the first win is a single line, the second is two lines and the third is the full house, rendering the biggest prize.

For the sake of simplicity, the following are the rules of 30 ball online bingo which have one win per game:

1. Players open an account and buy their 30 ball online bingo cards through their online casino account and bankroll. Different bingo rooms will have different ticket prices – usually the higher the price of the bingo card, the higher the rewards in case of a win. There’s usually a countdown till the start of a bingo game so as to allow enough time for new players to join and purchase their tickets.

2. Once the timer goes to zero, players start the game and keep their eyes on their bingo cards as the random number generator or bingo caller calls out thirty numbers.

3. Any time a number comes up that is also found on a player’s card, the player must daub it on their card. Most sites will have an automatic daub feature which will do this part for the player, meaning less work for them. However, it can als be exciting marking your own numbers as you go along, increasing the build up of the situation.

4. As soon as all 30 numbers have been called and covered on the board, players who have daubed all 9 numbers on their card ‘call’ bingo and they’re a winner.

5. The winnings are then deposited directly into the player’s account.

Most 30 ball online bingo rooms will also have live chat rooms where players can talk to one another. There will also be support and assistance provided by the casino should you need it. Many sites will also have an indicator which will show you which numbers have been drawn already and which ones have yet to be drawn. This allows you to keep track of what numbers are left, which is especially handy when you are marking the numbers yourself, as unlike the number generator, we are all human and it’s possible to miss one.
Waiting for the last number to be called out to complete a full house can be an absolute rush and the prize makes it all the better.

Winning 30 ball bingo online

As mentioned before, what adds to the popularity of 30 ball bingo online is the ease of playing and winning. Most of it is up to chance. For games with three wins, a prize is awarded for one line (3 numbers), then two lines (6 numbers), then a full house (9 numbers). Meanwhile, for sites which offer one win per game, this is awarded to the player who claims a full house and covers all 9 numbers on their card. The prize may be split with others; however, the full house will always give a large prize. So if you are after a fast game with immediate results and high chances for prizes, 30 ball online bingo is the game for you.